Calling all heart-centered practitioners seeking to transform your Healing Arts practice into a thriving, soul-aligned business

Rise To Your Highest Emotional and Financial Worth

WITHOUT the Overwhelm and Exhaustion that comes with the old ways of doing business

Join Cyndi Dale and Anthony J.W. Benson in a one-of-a-kind business primer course for heart-centered practitioners. Energy healers and holistic practitioners alike will learn to develop and deepen their healing arts practices while calling in ideal clients with minimal effort.

Business Skills for Energy Practitioners

Healing Arts 101 is not just a course; it's a light leading you to a fulfilling career in holistic health. Whether you're taking your first steps or looking to enhance your current practice, our program is designed to match your personal path.

Welcome to Healing Arts 101, where ancient wisdom meets modern practices.

Whether you're new to this field or looking to improve your abilities and expand your understanding, our carefully designed program is a leading guide to a successful, fulfilling, and inspiring career in the healing arts.

Embark on a transformative expedition with us.

Unlock your natural abilities and stand out as a leader in holistic healing, creating positive change in the world.

Your expertise and commitment to practical and energy work are exactly what's needed to make the world a better place.

Brought to you by Cyndi Dale and Anthony J.W. Benson

Join hands with and learn from renowned industry experts: the celebrated energy healer, author Cyndi Dale, and Cyndi's manager, the ingenious business maestro and creative wiz Anthony J.W. Benson.

Together, in three accessible teaching modules, they unravel the art and science of holistic healing, empowering you with beneficial foundational insights to thrive in this ever-evolving arena.


Healing Arts 101

Business Skills for the Healing Arts Practitioner

Our carefully designed syllabus, consisting of three modules, guides you through every aspect of the healing arts. Covering everything from legal considerations to innovative marketing strategies, ensuring no detail is overlooked. You'll gain deep insights into business skills, engaging with clients holistically, advanced strategies for growth, and much more.


Historical and Foundational Understanding

Trends, Innovation, and Future Opportunities

Ethical and Professional Conduct

Personal and Spiritual Exploration

Transitioning Dreams into Reality

Building Connections and Community

Practical and Legal Considerations

Empowerment and Growth

Invitation to Transformation and Positive Impact

Healing Arts 101
Your Portal to Transformation

No matter where you stand on your healing arts voyage, our course is custom-tailored for every twist and turn of your path.

Cyndi Dale

Cyndi, a gifted intuitive since childhood, has become a global authority in subtle energy, chakras, and energy work, blending scientific and spiritual principles in her approach.

She is the author of over 30 influential books, including "The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy" and "Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress & Chronic Illness," making significant contributions to the fields of energy healing and intuition.

Renowned for her ability to identify and remove blocks in individuals' energy, Cyndi has empowered over 75,000 students and clients worldwide to access and harness their unique healing gifts. She simplifies complex concepts into practical applications for daily life, offering support and guidance through in-depth classes and a year-long Apprenticeship Program.

Cyndi is trained in several different healing modalities. Her prestigious skills include shamanism, intuitive healing, energy healing, family of origin therapy, Therapeutic Touch, the Lakota Way, and faith healing.

In addition, Cyndi has taught business ethics at the University of Minnesota, creating programs for students to effect change in public policy and corporate ethics. She served as a fundraiser at Junior Achievement, raising over 750,000 dollars a year, and has offered public relations consulting to companies including 3M, Hormel, and Tonka. She has also volunteered on several Boards of Directors and been honored in “Who’s Who in American Business,” “The American Women of Noteworthy Achievement,” and the “International Association of Business.” In addition, she has won several leadership awards.

Anthony J.W. Benson

Anthony J.W. Benson merges soulful wisdom with practical business knowledge, guiding individuals and organizations in the holistic well-being and entrepreneurial realms as the founder and Creative Director of injoi Creative.

With nearly four decades of experience in communications and entertainment, Anthony is dedicated to transforming dreams into reality, working closely with healing artists, authors, and conscious businesses. His partnerships have included collaborations with notable figures like Cyndi Dale and Neale Donald Walsch, showcasing his ability to foster transformative experiences.

A respected speaker, mentor, and author, Anthony's influence extends through conscious media and prestigious publications, making him a leading figure in holistic personal and business development.

His work as a life-enhancement coach and teacher emphasizes the power of actualizing one's passions, blending business acuity with spiritual insight to guide individuals towards fulfilling their highest potential in both spiritual and material domains.

In essence, Anthony J.W. Benson is a soul alchemist and business strategist, guiding us to manifest our highest visions in both the spiritual and material worlds.


Healing Arts 101

Spark significant change in your life and in the lives of those around you by embarking on a journey with Healing Arts 101, where transformation isn't just a promise; it's an experience.


Embarking on Your Healing Arts Journey

In this transformative module, you’ll be immersed in the magic of this ancient and diverse field, providing you with the foundational insights to build or refine a rewarding career.

Understanding the Healing Arts: Journey through time and discover the rich history and diverse practices that have shaped the healing arts into what they are today. Uncover the tapestry of knowledge woven by healers, practitioners, and visionaries throughout generations.

Imagine understanding the roots of your practice, drawing inspiration from centuries of wisdom, and infusing your healing journey with a sense of purpose. Learn how to directly address personal issues of low self-esteem or the “I can’ts” with historical knowledge as the key.

Exploring Trends and Opportunities: Be a frontrunner in your field by staying ahead of the trends and embracing the opportunities that await. Delve into the ever-evolving landscape of healing arts, where innovation and tradition intersect to create new realms of possibility.

Imagine recognizing emerging trends, adapting to modern needs, and positioning yourself as a trailblazer in the healing arts world.

Ethics and Professionalism: Every journey requires a compass, and ethics are yours. Gain insights into the ethical principles that guide healing arts practitioners. Learn how professionalism, respect, and trust are the cornerstones of your practice.

Imagine embodying integrity and ethics in your healing arts practice, fostering deep trust with clients, and building a reputation based on authenticity.

Your in-session practice:

We will lead you on a guided meditation to realize your soul’s history in the healing arts and project into your own possible and most brightly-lit future. You’ll have ample time to assess the ethics, principles, and boundaries most vital to your seeking self–and to heal a central negative self-worth issue that is holding you back. We’ll encourage you to take notes.

Creating Your Healing Path

Welcome to the heart of your transformational journey. In this module, you'll learn how to transition from dreaming to doing so you can embark on the path to turning your healing aspirations into a thriving reality.

Defining Your Purpose and Values: Your healing journey is unique, and in this segment, we help you determine your mission, vision, and core values. By articulating your purpose, you'll inspire yourself and magnetize those who resonate with your calling.

Imagine waking up daily with a clear sense of purpose and attracting clients who share your values, resulting in deep connections and meaningful transformations.

Creating Your Healing Arts Business Blueprint: Think big! Develop a comprehensive business plan that outlines your strategies, objectives, and financial projections. We'll empower you to map the steps to transform your dreams into tangible successes.

Imagine having a roadmap that guides you through each phase of your healing arts journey, ensuring every action is strategic and aligned with your long-term vision.

Connecting with Your Audience: In this age of personalization, connecting with your tribe is essential. Discover how to identify your ideal clients, those who resonate with your energy and can benefit the most from your unique offerings.

Imagine attracting clients who are genuinely excited about your services, creating a community of individuals who support each other on their paths to wellness.

Your in-session practice:

After being introduced to the vital concepts of defining your purpose, creating a business blueprint, and formulating your primary audience, we will provide you with a Q&A period in which you’ll be encouraged to brainstorm initial ideas in each category. You’ll want to take notes.

Establishing a Solid Foundation

A sturdy foundation is the key to soaring higher in the healing arts. In this module, we'll equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate the practical aspects of your practice confidently.

Navigating Legal Terrain: Laws and regulations may seem daunting, but we're here to simplify everything. Understand the legal framework that governs the healing arts industry, ensuring your practice is compliant and secure.

Imagine having the peace of mind from knowing your practice is operating within legal boundaries, allowing you to focus on what you do best – healing.

Selecting Your Business Structure: Choosing the proper business structure is crucial to envisioning a solo practice or dreaming of an expansion. We'll guide you through the options so you can make informed decisions that align with your goals.

Imagine clearly understanding the business structure that best supports your aspirations, setting the stage for sustainable growth and success.

Ensuring Safety and Protection: Your well-being and that of your clients are paramount. Explore insurance options and learn about liability considerations, ensuring you're prepared to handle unforeseen circumstances.

Imagine providing your clients with a safe and secure healing environment, fostering trust and comfort, and building lasting relationships based on care and protection.

Your in-session practice:

After being introduced to the vital concepts of defining your purpose, creating a business blueprint, and formulating your primary audience, we will provide you with a Q&A period in which you’ll be encouraged to brainstorm initial ideas in each category. You’ll want to take notes.


Harmony in Healing: Exclusive Bonus Soundtracks

Deepen your connection with Healing Arts 101 through our two of our meticulously curated musical soundtracks. Every track is chosen to resonate with the course's themes, amplifying your exploration into the holistic realm. As you navigate through each lesson, allow the harmonious tunes to guide, inspire, and immerse you further into the world of energy healing.

This isn't just an accompaniment—it's an integral part of your transformative experience in Healing Arts 101, enhancing every moment of your journey in the realm of holistic well-being.

By completing these three comprehensive modules at Healing Arts 101, you'll understand some of the essential knowledge and skills required to thrive in the healing arts world and have the confidence to navigate its intricacies.

Whether taking your first steps or aiming to elevate your practice, our program empowers you to create a flourishing and fulfilling career in the healing arts.

Embark on this transformative journey with us and unlock your potential as a beacon of healing and positive change in the world.

Join renowned industry experts Cyndi Dale and Anthony J.W. Benson for this Masterclass Series:

Healing Arts 101



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There are no prerequisites for enrolling; simply an eagerness to learn all about being a healing arts practitioner or a current involvement in the industry.

If you are already a practitioner, you know that the key to business success is continually building your knowledge and brand and understanding how to do this. We are excited to provide additional information and support, creating even more prosperity. 
If you are new to the field, you are in a perfect position to start out by creating a step-by-step plan that you can continually adjust—the conscious way, saving you time, energy, and money as you go.

The classes are pre-recorded and access is delivered to you directly via email.

No, the class will be hosted on zoom, and the digital recording will be delivered to you via email.

Due to the virtual nature of this masterclass series, we do not offer refunds. You may access the class materials for life. Please purchase mindfully.

Elevate your passion, transform lives, and sculpt a legacy in the world of holistic healing.

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