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Clearing Cords & Curses

Cords and curses are behind many illnesses, addictions, financial problems, relationship issues, and even “bad luck.”

In addition to learning what cords & curses are and how they affect your life, I'll teach you an easy + effective meditation technique that will permanently erase cords, curses, and their consequences from your life.


Do you feel like something is holding you back from achieving your goals?

You may be under the influence of cords and curses. Join my Clearing Cords and Curses class and learn how to break free from these negative bindings.

Negative bindings show up in your life looking like:

Don't let cords and curses keep you stuck in a loop of negativity.
Sign up for our "Clearing Cords and Curses" class today and take the first step towards a happier, more fulfilled life.


Clearing Cords & Curses​

Gain your freedom through these beneficial steps:

Explanation of Cords and Curses

In the class, we'll explore cords and curses, which are mysterious energetic attachments that link entities or forces together. Understanding these connections can help you unlock the hidden dynamics influencing your life.

How Cords and Curses Negatively Impact You

We'll delve deep into how these attachments can negatively impact you by draining your energy, causing imbalances, and perpetuating harmful patterns. Recognizing these effects is essential for personal growth and wellbeing.

How To Recognize These Harmful Bindings

I'll teach you how to identify these harmful bindings in your life, empowering you to break free from unwanted connections and achieve emotional, mental, and spiritual freedom.

Differences Between Entities and Forces

We'll discuss the differences between entities and forces, helping you better understand the sources of these energetic attachments and how they might be influencing your life in unexpected ways.

Other Types of Negative Attachments and Holds

The class will also cover other types of negative attachments and holds, such as energy markers, deflection shields, miasms, and enigmas/implants. By becoming aware of these subtle influences, you can reclaim control over your life's direction and overcome obstacles.

Easy Meditation to Permanently Erase Cords, Curses, AND Their Consequences

Finally, I'll guide you through an easy meditation designed to permanently erase cords, curses, and their consequences. Learning this powerful technique will enable you to release negative attachments and embrace a life of greater balance, harmony, and vitality.

BONUS: LIVE Q&A Session with Cyndi Dale

In addition to the class, we'll also have a Q&A session, where you can ask any questions you have and get answers directly from me.


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Imagine how it would feel to be free from the weight of negativity that's been holding you back!

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Clearing Cords and Curses



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The A's to your Q's

Meditation can almost immediately impact your mental and emotional well-being. It usually takes about a week to ten days of consistent practice to notice changes. Don't worry if you don't see changes right away. With continued practice, you'll experience the benefits of meditation.

If you have permission from another, you can assist them in clearing their cords and curses using the techniques learned in this masterclass. However, it's essential to respect other people's boundaries and only offer your assistance if they're open and willing to receive it.

We're here to support you on your journey and encourage you to continue learning and growing. If you have any questions after the class, we recommend taking any of Cyndi's classes or checking out her books. She's always happy to help and offer guidance

Whether you're a seasoned energy worker or just starting your journey, this class suits all levels. We welcome everyone to join and learn the powerful techniques to clear cords and curses and improve their energetic well-being.

The answer to this question varies depending on the individual and their unique situation. In some cases, cords and curses can be removed permanently with just one clearing session. However, in other cases, ongoing maintenance and clearing may be necessary, especially if you have deep-seated subconscious beliefs keeping you attached to the negative energy. But rest assured, with the techniques taught in this class, you'll have the tools and knowledge to clear your cords and curses effectively.

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No, the class will be hosted on zoom, and the digital recording will be delivered to you via email. We will send you a PDF via email before the class with information about the topic.

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