Kundalini Activations and Relief

When the internal fire is too hot—or isn’t even on!

Uplifting, practical support for Kundalini initiations, process, recovery, and crisis.

Kundalini is a divinely inspired and ancient power, which has been center stage in spiritual communities since the beginning of the world.

Kundalini is the physical energy needed to live the enlightened life, the life of joy, passion, awareness, and purpose. Based on ancient practices, but using modern methods, Cyndi is eager to help you safely awaken and also manage this sometimes enflaming, always life-changing process.

The process is unlike any others. Typical Kundalini ignitions leave the initiate stinging, overwhelmed, sometimes unable to cope with everyday life. Maybe your Kundalini has already opened and you are charred beyond belief. This unique three-part Kundalini process, which calls upon God energy first, the fire last, is the only one Cyndi has ever experienced that is safe, effective, loving, and powerful—all at the same time.

The loving encouragement of radiant, golden, and red Kundalini, the three Kundalinis that when combined, provide KIND and POWERFUL Kundalini

* Activations * Purifications * Risings * Relief

Known as a feminine energy, Kundalini is a divine force that rises through our chakras or energy centers to burn out our old issues, transforming them into wellsprings of light and wisdom. Once the Kundalini life energy, also called a fire or serpent energy, reaches its spiritual goal, our own human and divine selves begin to merge. We now enter the gateway of enlightenment.

Kundalini Cuts Across All Religions, Ages, and Ethnic Backgrounds

This feminine energy is known by many different names throughout the world, including chi in China and ki in Japan. Spiritual people might call it the “goddess within.” Dr. Carl Jung calls this energy the anima. It is thhe caduceus symbol of medicine, the life force in Buddhism, and the source of intimacy in Tantra sex. It is the serpent called Quetzalcoatl among the Mayans. In Hinduism, it is serpent power, personified as Shakti, the Goddess. Most likely you have heard a few of its many other names: Al-Lat, the Great Mother, Ruah, Pachamana, Sophia, life energy, light flame, cosmic energy, divine force, spirit fire, living flame, and mana.

Though known by different names to different groups, Kundalini is always the same force. It is the organic catalyst necessary to unify our body, mind, and soul. It is the divine light that invites poetry into our lives. It is the secret to living this human life as divine beings.

All based on Cyndi Dale’s decades of spiritual work, as well as her acclaimed book: Kundalini: Divine Energy, Divine Life

Kundalini Activation Sessions. Ready, Set, Ignite—slowly and lovingly, with unusual ease and laughter.

These three 55-minute-long sessions  personalize Cyndi’s 3-part Kundalini process for you. Cyndi first intuitively assesses your Kundalini levels before assisting you in creating a purification and preparation plan. These plans might include diet, exercise, and breathing techniques, as well as the clearing of old issues and problems. She then carefully helps you activate your radiant, then golden, then red or serpent Kundalinis. This 3-step process softens the sometimes-inflammatory Kundalini awakening.

The Purpose of Kundalini Integration: Living the Dream, Your Destiny

A Kundalini activation and climb has one main purpose: To enable you to fully merge your human and divine self. Once the Kundalini has moved from your lower to higher energy centers, reaching its so called “resting place,” the real fun begins: the living of your destiny.

What are your spiritual gifts? Your divine birthright? What legacy are you supposed to leave? These sessions, offered by Cyndi Dale, help you become the brilliant being that you really are.

* Cyndi’s amazing book, Kundalini: Divine Energy, Divine Life, the most comprehensive guide of Kundalini, covering ancient and contemporary information and hands-on experiences.

Our Unique Three-Part Kundalini Process

There are other people or books supportive or descriptive of the Kundalini initiation, awakening, and crisis states, but Cyndi offers a special process unlike any other.

Developed by her, this 3-part Kundalini process both activates, calms, and safely encourages a positive, loving, and transformational Kundalini process because it employs THREE not only a SINGLE Kundalini energy.

Several years ago, before writing her first, internationally bestselling book, New Chakra Healing, Cyndi underwent a Kundalini experience. It was dreadful. Sparked by a physical attacker, she was thrown into an intense Kundalini burn that created physical trembling, spinal pain, terror and abandonment, lack of self-confidence, food issues, relationship fears, and the overwhelming awakening of several spiritual gifts. She was overwhelmed.

A series of dreams revealed that there were actually three different types of Kundalini she needed to use in order to soothe the Kundalini heat and enable its transformational qualities. These are the three Kundalini energies she has since worked with for herself and thousands of clients:

Radiant Kundalini, a brilliant snow-clear Kundalini that emanates from the inner wheel of each chakra, beaming grace throughout the entirety of our being. The inner wheel of our chakras accesses our own spirit and the Higher Spirit, in other words, only that which is good, whereas the outer wheels hold our negative programs. You receive only that which is godly and loving when working with the radiant Kundalini, which is best opened first in the heart and then other chakras.

Golden Kundalini, a spiritual nectar that falls from the stars. This vital energy activates the spiritual wisdom we’ve held within our soul and divine guidance from the heavens. It soothes and calms the red Kundalini. Together the red and the golden Kundalini form a bronze energy, which calms the serpent Kundalini, vitalizes the body, and unifies our soul and body. Our blocks are more easily and gently transformed as we can draw upon long-standing spiritual truths and divine assistance.

Red serpent Kundalini, the traditional Kundalini discussed in spiritual literature around the world. This life force, feminine, enflaming, and bold, rises from the coccyx to the top of the head, clearing everything that’s in the way. This effectively activates our old issues, pains, and wounds of every type so that we might face and heal them. Unfortunately, this process can also throw our health, emotions, thoughts, careers, and relationships into complete disarray. Assistance can help clarify the triggered issues and also clear up blockages, compacted energies that the Kundalini can’t push through, thus creating illness, stress, fatigue, sexual difficulties, and mental and emotional conflict.

Cyndi has discovered that no matter where someone is in his or her Kundalini process, healing exponentially (and gently) increases if the Kundalini is encouraged in this order:

  • Radiant
  • Golden
  • Red

Cyndi activates the Kundalini energy in this order before working on any blocks, obstacles, pains, or issues. This invites the highest form of healing possible and greatly decreases the safety issues involved in an irregular or inconsistent rising.

Kundalini Relief Sessions. Get Safe Help–Fast!

Are you struggling with the symptoms of a Kundalini crisis? If you are even THINKING your predicament as a Kundalini experience, it probably is. That’s not to say you aren’t also going through upheaval requiring licensed professional treatment and advice, especially if your physical or psychological symptoms are becoming unmanageable. For the Kundalini part of your life odyssey, however, we’ve created a unique Kundalini Relief service to help you through the most enflaming and challenging times.

Conducted during an emergency, these 55 minute long sessions are personalized for you, employing Cyndi’s SAFE, gentle, and loving 3-part Kundalini process to activate, manage, and control your Kundalini activation, as well as perform transformation of blocks and resistance.

Why Might You Need Kundalini Relief?

One of the most challenging times for a spiritual initiate is the rising of the Kundalini. We ALL desire the heat, passion, love, and enlightenment resulting from the climbing of our life energy through our energy centers to the heavenly within our head. We yearn for the pleasure gained from knowing ourselves as fully lovable and therefore, able to fully embody our own spirit within our body and the world. Unfortunately, the process can be painful, sometimes dangerous.

The reason Cyndi started a Kundalini Relief service is because she understands the hard-core burn of a Kundalini rising. She’s actually experienced two Kundalini risings, two episodes of agony and confusion. After receiving spiritual guidance about the three rather than one form of Kundalini, she continued on to assist hundreds of clients start, survive, and complete their Kundalini awakenings. She has also written a book about the topic, Kundalini: Divine Energy, Divine Life.

One of the reasons she wrote the book is because she believes there are a lot of misunderstandings about the topic. Kundalini is a divine energy. Often called the serpent energy, red fire, or life energy, it coils latent within us all until it’s time to awaken. A feminine energy, her task is to climb the ladder of our chakras or energy centers through the nadis or energy channels, clearing the blocks, misunderstandings, and wounds that interfere with the expression of our true and natural self.

After a time–and it can be quite a time, both in terms of intensity and years–the Kundalini engages with our spiritual chakra, the one uppermost in our energetic system. Our masculine self, housed herein, merges with our physical feminine fire, and we’re open to enlightenment. Our inner light begins to twinkle, sparkle, and spark, and our destiny, as well as our spiritual gifts, are activated.

We shine.
The world starts to shine back.

Cyndi describes a number of Kundalini awakening and crisis symptoms in her book, Kundalini: Divine Energy, Divine Life. A short version of these opportunities for healing include the following:

  • Failure to activate the Kundalini at all, which can create lethargy, exhaustion, sadness, grief, inability to cope with stress, hopelessness, helplessness, victim issues, entitlement, sexual frustration, addictions, hatred of life, monetary lack, and other deficiencies
  • Tingling, itching, crawling, stinging in the body or brain,
  • Heat or cold, pinches or burning, flushes in the skin or inside the body
  • Energy running between the nadis and chakras
  • Muscle twitching
  • Sense of electricity charging your system; you begin to blow out lights, clocks, or electrical objects; objects knock over when you are around
  • Alterations in eating or sleeping
  • Times of extreme hyperactivity or fatigue
  • Intensified or diminished sexual desires
  • Racing heartbeat, pains in chest (You must check these out with a medical doctor)
  • Numbness or pain in limbs (Same as above)
  • Emotional outbursts, rapid mood shifts
  • Hearing inner melodies, sounds, beautiful music, or noises like ringing in ears
  • Mental confusion, difficulty concentrating
  • Altered states of consciousness and mystical experiences, including out-of-body projection, extrasensory perception (ESP), past-life memories, increased psychic visions, channeling, body sensitivity, a sense of altruism, healing powers, contacts with spiritual guides or ghosts
  • Increased creativity; new talents or interests
  • Deeper understanding of spiritual truths
  • Pressure in sixth chakra. Some describe this as a band, others as a internal pressure.
  • Seeing flashing white lights
  • Sudden burst of energy, very short lived, in places in body
  • Spontaneous urges to perform asanas, or Yoga movements
  • Pain in lower back or wherever Kundalini feels a little stuck
    Vibration, often in the inner ears
  • Spontaneous bliss and unity; awareness of the Divine

Additional symptoms as noted by Bonnie Greenwell:

Pranic movements
“When the prana, or vital energy, is released suddenly, this intense energy can trigger physiological blocks. The result can be involuntary jerking movements, such as spasms, contractions, and shaking. The release of these blocks can rouse previously hidden memories, emotions, traumas, and injuries.”

Yogic phenomenon
Some individuals begin performing yogic postures (asanas) or hand positions (called mudras) that they could not have learned in their current everyday life. They may speak Sanskrit, hear music or tones, or start chanting mantras. They may experience unusual breathing patterns or not breathe for an extended amount of time.

Physiological symptoms
Kundalini can generate a release of bodily toxins, leading to the appearance of heart problems, head and spinal pain, gastrointestinal disturbances, and nervous-system issues. Individuals have reported sensations of burning, overwhelmed senses, hyperactivity, hypoactivity, variations in sexual desire, and even spontaneous orgasm. These indications can be erratic and may not respond to standard medical treatment.

Psychological upheaval
A spontaneous Kundalini activation can challenge the ego state and the myth of our separation from the Divine. It can stimulate responses to drives and shift instincts, from ego-based consciousness to psyche-centered consciousness, for example. These changes can produce confusion, often accompanied by unexplainable emotion swings—from anxiety, guilt, and depression to compassion, joy, and love—and bouts of uncontrollable weeping.

Extrasensory perceptions
Our perception enlarges, expanding outside of our previously typical reality. The result can include visions of lights, symbols, and entities, or an awareness of past-life experiences. Auditory stimuli may include voices, music, inner sounds, or mantras. Some people experience various smells, while others lose a sense of self as a body, feel larger than the body, or travel outside of the body.

Psychic phenomena
Various psychic abilities might activate within us, including precognition, telepathy, psychokinesis, healing gifts, and the awareness of auras. Mystical states of consciousness.
We might shift into altered states of consciousness, perceiving the unity within reality. This altered state can produce experiences of peace, serenity, and wisdom. This psychological upheaval can be so great that it seems like a psychotic episode.

Kundalini Sessions

*24 hour cancellation is required on all sessions. Cancellation fee is full amount of session.

Level 1
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Level 2
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Level 3
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LEVELS 1,2,3
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These three 55 minute sessions personalize Cyndi Dale’s 3-part Kundalini process for you. Cyndi first intuitively assesses your Kundalini levels before assisting you in creating a purification and preparation plan. These plans might include diet, exercise, and breathing techniques, as well as the clearing of old issues and problems. She then carefully helps you activate your radiant, then golden, then red /serpent Kundalinis. This 3-step process softens the sometimes-inflammatory Kundalini awakening.

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