Healing Helper Sessions

Healing Helpers is a new service that provides insight personally from her and deeper healing and intuitive work with three of her the most gifted practitioners with whom she has worked and personally vetted—Amelia, Carol, and Wendy. Not only have they trained independent of her, so they bring amazing skills to a session, but they also incorporate Cyndi's specially developed techniques in their practices.

The purpose of this newly created service recognizes that Cyndi's cancellation and new client list has become too extensive to take many new clients. Therefore, this service will give you much more immediate attention, so you don't have to wait for over a year or more for a session with Cyndi. In fact, in most cases, you'll be able to get a 15-minute session with Cyndi within two months and time with one of the Healing Helpers shortly after that.

(You can also write Cyndi's assistant, Wendy, to find out about our new 27 minute Intensives for $195, which are available for new clients as our client schedule is full with current clients and former clients come next. cyndidaleappts@gmail.com.)

How does this work?


At established times, you will talk with Cyndi for 15 minutes. The session is recorded on freeconferencecalling.com and shared with your Healing Helper, who will listen to it, and later, send it to you.

The purpose of this initial 15 minutes is for Cyndi to provide you a thorough and quick assessment of your issues, their possible causes, and how they are best approached. One of her gifts is to immediately get to the heart of a problem (or gift or decision) and provide decisive inspiration and guidance.


At established times, you will then spend 50 minutes with the Healing Helper of your choice. Find bios for Carol, Amelia, and Wendy below. These sessions also will be recorded through THEIR conferencing systems; you will be provided all the data that you need.

Wendy also offers in-person sessions in the Minneapolis area for hands-on healing, in addition to phone-based spiritual grief counseling.

You can also book individualized sessions with Carol separately from working with Cyndi.

How can you participate in this fantastic service?


Click on the service you desire.


Your participation isn't considered locked in until we receive payment.

Monies only returned if requested 48 hours in advance of the fixed time with Cyndi. If you fail to show for either of the two sessions, your money is forfeited.


Call with Cyndi

(Freeconferencecalling.com number, which will be provided.)



For the entire Healing Helper sessions

(Offers great savings considering that Cyndi's services are rising to $250.00-$275.00.)


For individual Intuitive healing sessions with Healing Helpers


Carol LaSota Rouffaud

Carol, an intuitive therapist, and energy healer, is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas and a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. Her interest in healing began while working as a French Interpreter for The Center for Victims of Torture in St. Paul, Minnesota, and because of this, she specializes in assisting people with freeing themselves from energies that might be holding them back. This includes ancestral healing that enables a person to move forward from outdated family belief systems, old emotions​,​ and also darker energies. Her access to her client's higher selves and light enables her to help open them to the brightest future, attracting the love and success that they deserve.

Carol has completed Cyndi Dale's Apprenticeship Program and the Mastery Program and is also certified in Aromatherapy from Aromahead Institute. When connecting with your guides, she can access healing energies from across many realms, including the natural realm, to bring about life-enhancing change. One of her specialties is perceiving what direction a choice might enable--and what choices might create happier and healthier outcomes.

https://www.facebook.com/Vitae Energy Healing & Reiki

Carol Dates and Times:
3-5 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays; 9-12 on Saturdays. All times are CST.

Amelia Vogler, MS, HTCP/I, Intuitive

Amelia is a healer, intuitive, and mentor based out of Durham, North Carolina and works remotely worldwide. She is in her 12th year of private practice, and her specialty is working with spiritual individuals to restore themselves after stressful life events and illnesses. She uses various processes of re-remembering safety and essential qualities. Clients work with her to address the underlying soul-level imprints of systemic stress, illness, lack of grounding and how these impact their day to day choices in living a fulfilling life. She supports them in becoming re-connected with a deep sense of safety, access to their body’s innate healing wisdom, and the opportunities to become abundantly creative. She is considered a specialist in Energy Medicine with advanced training in trauma work, past life work, ancestral and complex relational patterns, and energy medicine in Surgery. She has a deep connection with the Earth and the Earth ways. In her sessions, she weaves in the wisdom of our planet and the underlying cosmological laws of the Universe that provide the models of the natural cycles necessary for deep healing. Her training in the earth-based knowings come from a long history with speaking with the elemental realms and training through a variety of indigenous practices. Amelia's site: ameliavogler.com

Amelia Date and Times:
10-4pm EST for Amelia on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Wendy Kardia

Wendy Kardia has been trained in multiple healing modalities and is a professional grief counselor, holding a Masters of Arts in the field. She can assist you through any type of grieving or transitional process with love, intuitive guidance, therapeutic rituals, and powerful transformational processes.

Wendy has been a grief counselor in Hospice Care for over 17 years and she holds a certificate in Holistic Therapies, BA in Human Services, and, as said, a Master of Arts in Human Development with a focus on Transformational Grief. She is certified in Reiki, Esoteric Healing and Healing Touch I-111A and has trained with Cyndi Dale through her Apprenticeship Program, Advanced Apprenticeship Program, Normandale Energy Medicine classes, and the Four Pathways to Healing.

Visit Wendy's website at www.stillthewater.net