The Intuition Guidebook: How To Safely and Wisely Use Your Sixth Sense (ebook)


The Intuition Guidebook provides help for those who feel they are too sensitive, hearing things no one else hears, seeing things that aren’t there, having dreams that come true–psychic. Dale leads readers through the gifts involved with being psychically sensitive, where each of these gifts comes from, and how to control them. Highlights are exercises to find psychic sensitivities, establishing guardians and focus upon protecting oneself and transitioning from sensitivity to psychic intuitive.



Do you ever feel “too sensitive?” Do you know things you aren’t supposed to know, hear what no one else hears, dream dreams that come true? Are you constantly absorbing others’ issues and getting tired of feeling like an energetic sponge? Cyndi Dale, one of the world’s foremost experts on energy and intuition, asserts you’re “not crazy,” but you are actually extraordinarily psychically gifted. You have only to train and hone this innate ability to transform it into a fulfilling path of joy, prosperity, and healing. But, how do you convert these challenging sensitivities into the remarkable gifts they really are?

Cyndi was born a “psychic sensitive,” able to sense, feel, hear, see, and know what to others wasn’t “real”, and has spent 40 years learning how to enhance and improve upon her natural gifts, traveling the world, studying ancient wisdom, culling truth from various spiritualities, and unraveling quantum physics. Throughout this ongoing research, Cyndi’s applies this knowledge to herself and the 70,000-plus clients she’s seen in her business as an intuitive healer. Now, she has created the first-ever guidebook to becoming truly intuitive–safely, ethically, rewardingly and happily. If you want to truly benefit yourself and others with your divinely-bestowed, but often challenging and confusing gifts, this book will teach and train you exactly how to do it.