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IMPORTANT NOTE: The DEAR JO service will be temporarily unavailable from Friday, October,  27th to November, Monday 13th, 2017.

Direct, Prayer-Filled Helpful Healings from Jo-Anne Brown Via Email


Are you overwhelmed with a crisis or chronic problem? Do you need quick and loving help? Are you waiting for a session with Cyndi and desire assistance in the meantime?

This special service is a response to a constant deluge of E-mails to Cyndi asking for quick, cost-conscious, and loving insight and healing, as well as feedback that this process helps! Through prayer to God, Jo-Anne responds to your needs within 2 business days.

NOT A PSYCHIC HOTLINE, this service is healing-based and meant to open the door for divine inspiration and assistance in you.

Upon receipt of payment and email of ONE question (question form below), Jo-Anne will respond DIRECTLY to you within 2 business days.

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Hi, this is Cyndi. I am very excited to introduce Jo-Anne Brown, an incredibly gifted intuitive and energy-based healer from Queensland, Australia. I have handpicked Jo to take over my “Dear Cyndi” service, which is an email response to a question, provided within two business days.

Jo is a long-time student and practitioner of several healing modalities and has also taken several of my in-depth programs. I have been incredibly impressed with her ability to hone in on a person’s exact needs and blocks, provide practical inspiration, and assist in clearing the energies causing problems. Her insights are incredibly accurate and her ability to send healing energies powerful and I’m thrilled she’ll be taking over this part of my Essential Energy business.

Previously I offered this service myself but now need the extra time for writing and teaching, and so I have combed my contacts for the right person to provide you intuitive inspiration and energy healing blessings. I feel confident she will meet your needs.

What isn’t this service?

We are NOT a PSYCHIC HOTLINE; this service is healing-based and meant to open the door for divine inspiration and assistance within you.

We can’t promise RESULTS, only Jo’s concentration on your issue. Love is the most healing of all responses!

Upon receipt of payment and email of ONE question (question form below), Jo will respond DIRECTLY to you within only two business days.

Many blessings!!!


Jo-Anne Brown is an intuitive energetic healer based in central Queensland, Australia.

She uses her intuitive gifts to help her clients release the energetic blockages that are holding them back and preventing them from living a full and abundant life – including negative and unhealthy belief systems, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Examples of feedback

A doctor from Russia: “I felt an instance rush of energy to the infected area in my body and burst into tears. I believe I am finally healing.”

A young man in the Northwest: “You asked God to open my heart to my soul mate and within a week, I met her! We’ve been dating for six months!”

A woman from New York: “You asked God to lift a curse from my family lineage preventing me from meeting men and THREE HAVE TALKED WITH ME TODAY!”

A man from England: “I couldn’t get a job for three years and now have several interviews. Most important, I feel confident, like I am guided by an unseen force who cares.”

We can’t promise results; only that JO will concentrate fully on your issue, send love, and ask God to help.