Free WOrkshop for Sensitives, Empaths, and Everyone Vulnerable to Others’ Energies


How to Set Your
Energetic Boundaries

Create the boundaries you need for
health, harmony, and happiness!

Learn why you take on others’ energies and create the boundaries needed to be healthy and happy—without “energetic codependency.”

Stop losing energy by taking care of others!
Instead, use it for your LIFE PASSIONS!


Energetic codependency is a real thing. Understand why you are taking on others’ illnesses, feelings, needs, and problems.


Unlock the original reason you might have turned into a human sponge—and heal it


Create four masterful boundaries for filtering, protecting, and screening others’ energies


Open the “Red Zone,” the energetic field that only I teach about to constantly renew your soul and powers

Are you ready to walk through life as your true self—saying goodbye to others’ intrusive and harmful energies?

This workshop is for all sensitives, empaths, and “energetic codependents” who take on others’ feelings, illnesses, and needs—and are ready to emerge free and empowered.

What You’ll Learn in this Free Workshop

The reasons that poor energetic boundaries lead to illness, emotional imbalance, confusion, exhaustion, and lack of purpose (in other words, “energetic codependency”)

A technique to release others’ energies—the cause of 80 percent of all problems

Cyndi’s most helpful guided meditation to establish boundaries, ease, and calm

Cyndi’s real-life UNIQUE method for remaining protected and passionate in your life

Meet your guide
Hi! I am Cyndi Dale...
Your go-to friend in the realms of energy medicine, spirituality, and intuition. I've authored over 30 books, which I'm proud to say have reached many corners of the globe, being translated into over 18 languages. Some of my favorites include the award-winning The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, and my recent collaborative project, Chakras, Food, and You.
Over the years, I've connected with over 70,000 clients and students worldwide, from the Americas to Beijing, sharing knowledge through seminars and workshops. In fact, Gwyneth Paltrow's popular lifestyle website Goop even calls me the "teacher of teachers"! Whether through The Shift Network or my own company, Essential Energy, I love to share my knowledge and guide others in their spiritual journeys.
I'm also passionate about healing. With a diverse set of skills in modalities like shamanism, intuitive healing, and the Lakota Way, I strive to help others discover and embrace their essential selves for a healthier, happier life.
As a summa cum laude graduate from the University of Minnesota, I pour my knowledge and passion into everything I do, aiming to bridge spiritual messages across the globe. My ultimate goal is to foster unity and understanding among us all. I'm thrilled to meet you and be a part of your spiritual journey!


This beneficial program is for you if you can say yes to one or more of the following…

It’s time to release energetic codependency and emerge free and impassioned!

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How to Set Your Energetic Boundaries

Enter your information below to get instant access to this FREE Workshop!


How to Set Your Energetic Boundaries

Enter your information below to get instant access to this FREE Workshop!