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Quantum Energy Healing – Advanced Practices for Working With Quantum Fields, Enhanced Clairvoyance and Intuitive Healing


New 12-Week Live Video Course StartsTuesday, July 25, 2023 PLUS Cyndi's 7-Module Introductory Program! Unlock a radical quantum toolkit - full of energy healing techniques, guided meditations, practices, demonstrations, and Cyndi's proprietary tools - to create a pathway of light, radiant health, and profound wellbeing for your future. See All Course Details and Purchase Now


Cyndi Dale's Advanced Apprenticeship 2021: Energetic Mysteries: Interdimensional Connectedness Across Time and Space


An online program for graduates of Cyndi’s Apprenticeship Program, Normandale Energy Certificate, The Shift Network’s Amplify Essential Energy, and Advanced Radical Energy Medicine.

What cornerstones in the Universe hold the secrets to reality?

What different cultures across time and space, including Earth and elsewhere, hold the mysteries explaining our profound powers and knowledge?

In this exploration, we’ll venture into places not often probed or investigated. Our goal is to uncover uncommon sources of wisdom and activate the related gifts within us.

Each of the eight modules led by Cyndi will feature a unique and intensive odyssey to include resource materials, demonstrations, and the teaching of at least one energetic technique, along with the opportunity to remain for a break-out group. Offered also are four practice modules, led by Jo-Anne Brown and Jill Sonnek.