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Personal and Global Healing During This Time of the Pandemic -July 2nd and July 9th, Normandale College

July 2 @ 6:00 pm - July 9 @ 8:00 pm


Personal and Global Healing

During This Time of the Pandemic Crisis

Join Cyndi on ZOOM through Normandale College–and Receive a Certificate!

6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Thursday, July 2nd and July 9th, 2020

What energetic concepts and healing techniques are available for the personal and global trauma we’re experiencing? Cyndi has been working energetically to blend higher consciousness concepts and powerful energy tools to provide assistance. Using discussions, demonstrations, and guided meditations, and based on her upcoming release, Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress & Chronic Conditions, she’ll lead you through the following:

Personal Healing (Evening One): We will focus on the following points and end with a guided healing meditation.

  • The energetic nature and meaning of different microbes and viruses in particular.
  • The specific energetics of SARS-CoV-2.
  • The four specific healing methods needed to help energetically heal this microbe:
    • Cleaning the virus
    • Releasing energetic forces
    • “Collapsing” the virus
    • Establishing energetic boundaries
  • Tools for recovering from energetic anxiety and depression.
  • Means of connecting when isolated.
  • Ways to assist self and others through financial, relational, food, and other scarcities.
  • The importance of activating your PERSONAL vibration so as to stop bringing in OTHERS’ vibrations.


Global Healing (Evening Two): We will discuss the following ideas and end with a healing for the world

  • The specific energetic frequency upon which SARS-CoV-2 operates.
  • The role of our epigenetics, or ancestral memories.
  • The invitations for higher teachings potentially available because of the virus.
  • The frequencies of the Old Earth—pre-virus into the pandemic.
  • The potential vibrational offerings of a New Earth—virus/post-virus then endemic.
  • The various benefits we CAN incur (climate, care, creativity).
  • The physical, psychological, and spiritual challenges being presented.
  • The higher consciousness opportunities and tools available.
  • Beings of different realms that might be assisting us.