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The Heaven and Earth Series: The Architecture and Healing of Our Energetic Embodiment with Cyndi Dale and Amelia Vogler (3 night Series)

November 5 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm




4-6 p.m. Central/5-7 p.m. Eastern


November 5, 12, and 19, 2020


“As above so below as within so without as the universe so the soul” – Hermes Trismegistus


The energies of the heavens are mirrored in the earth, and vice versa. This means that as humans, we reflect the macrocosmic powers of the heavens, even while the heavens encircle us.


If we could embrace the amalgam of heavenly energies that compose us, we could evolve—as a collective, and also as individuals. We could complete ourselves, and the cosmos.


In this three-part series, you’ll be supported in accomplishing that goal: to become the glorious self you are designed to be. Join us and put on those wings needed to emerge into your greatness. The earth and heavens are ready to enfold and lift you.


This is your special invitation to join renowned energetic experts Cyndi Dale and Amelia Vogler I a journey into the stars—and back again—to activate your destiny. You’ll learn about the energetic design of the cosmos, how to work with the stuff of the stars and soil you’re made of, and how to engineer your reality. Improve your health and wellbeing while manifesting your desires fully.


Get ready to create a better earth together!


This interactive webinar series will provide you with concepts and tools to assist yourself, and also others. Gain techniques that can be employed by any type of energy medicine and holistic practitioner.


During our three sessions, we’ll use sharing, discussions, demonstrations, and guided meditations to cover the following areas.


Evening One: The Architecture of Embodiment

The System of Heaven and Earth


We’ll look deep into the mirror of the universe to explore these topics:

  • Of the heavens: The blueprint of Spirit and eternal hope. Cyndi will lead us through practice for perceiving ourselves in the Spirit Mirror of Immortality.
  • Of the earth: The blueprint of the human Self and realized power. Amelia will share the story of how we entered the body from Spirit and walk you through an exercise to light up your tenth auric field Etheric Mirror
  • The two universes: Cyndi will discuss the co-existence of two worlds, the Absolute and the Polarity, and why it is so important to embrace the light and sound of each, along with the ways the different aspects of Self (spirit, soul, mind, brain, and body) relate to these two realms.
  • The earthly realm: Amelia will lead everyone through a hands-on practice to use for yourself or others for linking the Absolute Universe/Spirit light with your embodied, earth-bound, Polarity-universe Self.


We will bring up two individuals from the call to demonstrate these techniques.


Evening Two: Healing Our Embodiment

Recover Trapped and Lost Energy


Embodied souls—a category including you and all other current and once-living planetary beings—carry wounds from life experiences. Embedded in the injury sites are opportunities for growth and transformation. Let’s set about our metamorphosis to claim our wings of freedom. We’ll cover the following subjects.

  • Recovering from trauma: Cyndi will discuss the basics of high-level trauma recovery, based on her new book, Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress & Chronic Illness. She’ll lead a group meditation to assist your recovery. Sub-sections include transforming the Polyvagal and microbiome, soothing the wounded heart, and clearing the negative subtle energetics.
  • The hara and epigenetics: Amelia will teach the basics of epigenetics and focus on a specific aspect of the hara to help you clear negative ancestral patterns. A guided meditation will enable you to re-anchor your hara, send healing to your ancestors, and create a request for healing.
  • Meet your guides. You probably already know that you have spiritual guides. Are there any relationships that could be brought on-line or renewed to assist your future journey? Cyndi will provide a process of discovery.
  • The emotion map. Now that you have (even more) invisible help, Amelia will return to the teachings about the hara, highlighting the language of the hara. The “words” include emotions and body sensations. Learn ways to confront difficult emotions and past experiences through containment practices that invite safe access to healing.

Want to know how you’ll do this? Amelia will demonstrate how to put experiences in a movie, assign them a unique name, and then send away the movie. This decoupling process releases the traumatic charges but allow you to retain and direct the neutral energies. Gain a more robust vocabulary for working with your own or another’s trauma.

We will take questions when possible and demonstrate techniques on two participants.


Evening Three: Homecoming

Time to Thrive! Turn this Earth into the Heavens

THIS is heaven. How can live that truth—and help others do so? We’ll strive for this goal through the following teachings.

  • Grounding and protection. You’ll be guided through a discussion of the inner and outer wheels of the chakras and apply a meditative grounding practice to establish and maintain your inner and outer boundaries.
  • The Teachings of the Light. The Hopis, Elijah, Moses, and other beings of the light kept the knowledge secure, but it must now be known. Hidden in our hearts are the Teachings of the Light. To activate this book inside you is to establish a grace-filled presence in all you do. Embrace and direct the Absolute Light toward the perfect use of power.
  • Lighting from within. Anchor your light through a meditation reconnecting the Teachings of the Light to the sacred vessel of your body. Move these secrets into your cells and then into the external world.



Video recordings will be shared with attendees post-event date.








November 5
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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