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Normandale College Programs: 2019-2020 * 7-Series Accredited Energy Medicine & Advanced Energy Medicine * FLY-IN DATES!

November 8, 2019 - January 6, 2020

Energy Medicine: The Subtle Body Certificate-WITH FLY-IN WEEKENDS for 2019-2020!

Led by Cyndi Dale

Unique accredited learning for healers and intuitives through Normandale College!

The Energy Medicine program, taught at Normandale College in Bloomington, MN, is an energy medicine program unlike any other. This accredited program results in a certificate that is thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars cheaper than other programs. It’s goal is to provide you the most dynamic and thorough subtle body education so you can immediately create or enhance professional opportunities as a healer, energy specialist, or intuitive.

Cyndi carefully created this seven-part series to follow and also expand on her bestselling classic, The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy. Her “tome” won four publisher’s awards last year, has garnered 70 five-star reviews, and is in the top 1,000 place on Amazon. Why? Because no other book on the market really explains, covers, and educates readers about one of the fastest-growing professional phenomenon in the world: Energy Medicine.

Her heart, however, lies in teaching this material, customizing it through hands-on demonstrations and experiential learning. In the end, she would like to see every home with a healer and every healer able to make his or her living at this trade. The material enables you to start or enhance your own healing or intuition business, integrate energy into your work as a doctor, nurse, therapist, massage therapist, or any other healing profession, or open your natural healing and intuitive skills in all other professional capacities. Given that some of the equivalent programs cost upward of $30,000, Cyndi’s certificate is an amazing offering.

What Have Others Said?

“I wouldn’t miss this class for the world. I drove in a blizzard for three hours to get here!”

“The warmth and community developed have changed my life and business.”

“I can’t believe how much Cyndi knows—and is so willing to teach and share.”

“By far, the best classes I’ve ever taken on energy.”

“Nothing in my life is the same. I’m being healed even as I’m learning to be a healer.”

Because of Normandale’s involvement, you earn a certificate, upon completion of these seven courses, as well as CEU’s. This provides you instant credibility—something she couldn’t find in my twenty-five years of learning about energy and intuition from healers, shamans, and intuitives, across America and abroad. Plus Normandale has set up the program so it is “mix and match.” If you miss a day, you can make it up later; in fact, you can take the courses in any order you want!

Next time offered: EASY Weekend (Fly-in) Dates for 2019-2020 



The dates will be as follows:


We have SO many people who want to fly into Mpls. to earn this certificate that we're organizing the seven classes into three and one-half weekends. They can be taken together or separate. IDs already available for first two weekends.

November 8/9 (Class One, ID 61804; and Class Two, ID 61805) 

December 6/7: (Class Three, ID 61805; and Class Four, ID 61807)

February 7/8: (Class Five and Six)

March 6 (Class Seven)

Courses Are:

  • The Holistic Process: What is Energy Work?

    Class One

  • The Tools of the Energy Trade

    Class Two

  • Energy Anatomy: Channels

    Class Three

  • Energy Anatomy: Fields

    Class Four

  • Energy Anatomy: Centers

    Class Five

  • Energy Healing

    Class Six

  • Energy Medicine Practices

    Class Seven

For information and to register, go to Normandale College's website, which is http://www.normandale.edu/, and look up Continuing Education. You can take an individual class or the entire series.

All classes are also listed at: https://normandale.augusoft.net/index.cfm?method=ClassListing.ClassListingDisplay&int_category_id=1&int_sub_category_id=20

For questions call 952-487-8343 (Normandale).

Take Them In Any Order!

BUT YOU CAN TAKE THEM IN ANY ORDER!!! Certified program for energy healers and intuitives. Only program offered by Cyndi Dale based on her bestselling book, The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, winner of four publisher’s awards and over 100 five-star Amazon reviews, as well as The Subtle Body Practice Manual. Seven sessions, mix and match, held through Normandale College in Bloomington, MN. Designed to help everyone live as the healer they are—and make a living at it!

(Normandale Data)
Certificate: Energy Medicine Certificate

Tuition: $875.00 for series; $145 for individual classes

Description: This Energy Medicine Certificate Program offers seven individual classes defining energy medicine, presentation and explanation of ethical standards for energy workers, as well as scientific and cross-cultural descriptions of the major human energy channels, centers, and fields. Continue to create a toolbox of imperative holistic techniques, ranging from use of color, shapes, energetic diagnosis, and imagery to intuition and intention, all the while practicing the delivery and receiving of healing energy. You must take all seven classes for certificate of completion. This course is ideal for healthcare professionals and caregivers and will provide skills and knowledge to use immediately for improved care-giving.


See this link for all 2018/2019 classes: https://normandale.augusoft.net/index.cfm?method=ClassListing.ClassListingDisplay&int_category_id=1&int_sub_category_id=20




November 8, 2019
January 6, 2020