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Dear Possible Apprentice:

I have an important update to share with you.

To accommodate the change in structure, schedules and interest, I have decided to extend the deadline for signing up for my upcoming Apprenticeship Program to Sept. 15th.

You know what it’s like to put together a cool contraption? You get it perfect-you think-and then someone comes along (usually a kid) and says, “This can be even better, you know.” Then you tinker.

We announced my first-ever international offering of The Apprenticeship Program
a few short weeks ago and have received LOTS of interest, worldwide. A dozen of you have already signed up and many more, promised to-with a suggestion.

Many of you asked for some possible options and changes to how we are offering the program… and we heard you.

Bottom line – We really want to accommodate as many of you who are interested in this work as possible- while not diminishing the integrity or value of the program. We have have come up with a creative and helpful way to save you money and have devised more ways for you to prosper from these unique spiritual gift materials!

And, we have made it easier for our international friends to join us as well!

With this new configuration, you will save significant money in travel time and costs. Additionally, this will insure that everyone outside of the United States has an easier time participating. We’re also clarifying and reconfiguring the Mentorship Program, the valuable add-on process for being sanctioned by me to teach my work and materials.

So what does this all mean?

We are doing the following:

· We are coming to you, not making you come to us. We will deliver the first two weekends in live video-stream on the pertinent Saturdays so you can interact through the “airwaves” from your own home via your computer. Those of you in international time zones will be able to view the teaching before our first call-in class. Those of you who can participate “Live” will be able to write in your questions and be “there!”

· Our third week-end will be held in Minneapolis and is OPTIONAL, but we encourage and invite you to show up, participate and interact, practice the techniques, and celebrate-at no additional cost except your travel expenses!

· This shift of travel will save most of you anywhere between $2,500 and $5,000 USD in non-workshop expenses for the first two weekends and $3,800 to $6,300 USD if you learn from the comfort of your armchair for all three weekends.

· We are formulating the entirety of The Mentorship Program for those of you who want to TEACH these Apprenticeship Program materials and PROSPER yourselves and others. This program is added onto the third weekend for extra cost, with additional teaching time that same weekend and once a month teaching call-ins for a year, designed for advanced techniques, communication skills, and building your business.

· We are reducing your entire seminar cost from $2,800 to $2,500 USD!!! (Sedona participant rates remain the same.)

Every component of the program remains the same, including the curriculum, research, materials, and FUN!

We’d love to answer your questions and “see” you soon!

The Apprenticeship Program – Your Intuitive Gifts in One Year!
All blessings,

Cyndi Dale

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