Cyndi Dale’s Energy of Relationships Intensive – Chicagoland Area – Nov. 11 & 12, 2017

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There is a deep desire for relationships that are uplifting and fulfilling that applies to all relationships, including those with oneself, friends, family, workmates, romantic partners, spirit guides, and even those amazing companion animals.

The key to brilliant relationships lies in understanding—and transforming—energy for the highest good.Join Dale, a bestselling author, who has spent 25 years collecting, applying, and teaching the vast field of energy modalities. In this insightful, interactive, enlivening, and jam-packed two-day intensive, discover how to clean, own, and direct energy to evolve all your relationships. Emphasized are ways to decipher your feelings, experiences, and needs so you can shift your subtle energy and thereby upgrade your relationships. At least 90 percent of reality is fashioned by subtle energy, the invisible stuff of the energetic world. By transforming what occurs in the subtle planes, you exponentially change what occurs in your relational life.
Become a relationship energy expert. Gain that ability through discussions, demonstrations, and powerful interactions and experientials that reveal:

  1. The ways that subtle and physical energies and energetic patterning create and impact relationships.
  2. Differences between karmic and dharmic relationships and why you want the latter.
  3. Karmic relationships and their meanings to include soul, soul family, spirit, cosmic, companion, and creative relationships.
  4. The energetics of limiting relationships, emphasizing codependency to narcissistic, addictive, and borderline personalities and the patterning of energetic anxiety and depression.
  5. Lifting dark energetic forces and factors including miasms, cords curses, energy markers, and entities—personally and culturally.
  6. Exposure to negative mass consciousness forms, such as in social and regular media outlets—and what to do about it.
  7. Presentation of the chakra intimacy assessment tool to assess your needs and shift relationships.
  8. Means for clearing your field and attracting healthy relationships using sacred geometry symbols and your own unique soul programs.

Become an expert on the energy uptakes surrounding you and your life. Apply the easiest ways to clear your inner self and field to emerge as your essential self. Become aware of energetic ways to deal with your own or others’ triggers, and projections to achieve the state of neutrality, the highest place to come from. Connect with only the highest of spiritual guidance as you work with energies for your highest good. Positively impact your relationships for increased harmony, joy, compassion, and understanding. Ultimately, it’s the expression of your own light that determines the love present in your life.

A block of rooms is available at the Courtyard Marriott Highland Park, 1505 Lake Cook Road, Highland Park, IL 60035. Rooms will be held until October 20. To make a room reservation, call 800-321-2211 or 847-321-2211 and identify yourself as part of the Infinity Foundation Room Block. Hotels in the area tend to sell out, so it is advisable to book a room early.

Course 172171 CEUs available
Date  Saturday, Nov. 11 and Sunday, Nov. 12
Time  9:00 AM – 4:30 PM, lunch on your own
Cost  $295/255 by October 10

CEUs Available


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