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Clearing Cords & Curses Masterclass
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The Spiritual Renewal Collection: Clear, Connect & Energize Your Life

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Clearing Cords & Curses Masterclass

I will teach you how to identify and remove the negative bindings holding you back. In this course, you'll learn the following:

  • Explanation of cords and curses
  • How they negatively impact you
  • Ways to recognize these harmful bindings
  • Differences between entities and forces
  • Other types of negative attachments and holds
  • Easy meditation to permanently erase cords, curses, and their consequences

To make things even better, we'll provide you with a PDF handout you can download and keep as a reference after the class

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Clearing Cords & Curses Masterclass
Clearing Cords & Curses Masterclass× 1

Subtotal $67.00
Total $67.00

The Spiritual Renewal Collection: Clear, Connect & Energize Your Life

A specially curated bundle of four transformational masterclasses designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and healing. This comprehensive collection aims to help you release negativity, embrace your spiritual connections, and reinvigorate your life with renewed purpose and energy. In this bundle, you will receive access to the following masterclasses:

Clearing Cords & Curses

Unravel and release the hidden energetic attachments and harmful patterns that have been holding you back, empowering you to live a life free from negativity.

Unpacking Your Past Lives

Delve deep into your soul’s history to uncover past experiences and gain insights into how they influence your present life, facilitating healing and personal growth.

Meet Your Spiritual Guides

Establish a strong connection with your spiritual guides to receive their wisdom and support as you navigate your life’s journey, fostering a deeper understanding of your purpose and spiritual growth.

No More Negative Energy!

Learn to identify and transform negative energy patterns, including how to deal with narcissists and other energy-draining influences, leading to a happier and healthier life.

Student Love

Cyndi has provided over 70,000 clients, organizations, and organizations, and students with skill-based and heart-centered intuitive consultations and energy healings, clocking over 28 years in the intuitive sciences.
“As a Holistic Sha’Medium, I have always been connected to the outer realms. Whether it was through Visions, Voices, Gut Feelings, Sensations and more, Cyndi has taken me into these realms to re-unite the inner being that resides within all of us. I have been a longterm participant in her program and absolutely love being a part of her energy tribe. AhhShay (Blessings).”

Tonya Dee

Holistic Sha’Medium
“I am impressed with Cyndi’s power to command energy. She just says something and it’s done: the deepest wounds are healed, the most hidden gifts get activated and so much more. The cool part is that I’ve just learned to do the same and I’m amazed to experiment with that and all the tools she gave us. Thank you again, Cyndi, and may the universe give you back 1000 times more than what you gave us!!”

Alina Lazarescu

Owner & PhotoReading Instructor at Atelier Einstein
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