Apprenticeship Program 2022


Energize Your Unique Healing Powers by Maximizing Your Innate Spiritual Gifts

13th Anniversary Edition!

Energize Your Unique Healing Powers by Maximizing Your Innate Spiritual Gifts

March 16-November 5, 2022

Join us for a radically transformative, life-changing, and rock-your-world process for ACTIVATING and MAXIMIZING  your innate spiritual gifts-the divine powers that transform through the truth of personal actualization.


Cyndi Dale is the author of almost 30 books about energy medicine, intuition, and holistic healing. A recognized authority in the field of subtle energy and energy work, she has worked with over 70,000 clients and students. Many of her bestselling energy medicine and chakra-based books have consistently sold in the top #1 to #100 on Amazon in various categories.

Her books to date include the bestseller The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, which has sold almost 200,000 copies domestically and set the bar for energy healing manuals and modalities. It is also the winner of four internationally recognized publishing awards, including the 2010 Gold Nautilus Award, 2010 Silver Living Now Award, 2010 Bronze Independent Publisher Book Award, and the 2010 COVR Visionary Gold Award (Alternative Health/Healing), as well as twenty-four other additional internationally acclaimed books. For years, The Subtle Body was in the top ten to 100 sellers on Amazon in several categories.

Her book The Intuition Guidebook won the 2012 Silver Independent Publisher Book Award, and her offering, Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress & Chronic Illness, won the 2021 COVR Visionary Gold Award in Health & Healing. Her newest books include Chakras, Food, And You, and the reissue of Advanced Chakra Healing, with 30 percent more material. Her life-enhancing work has been featured in hundreds of media outlets around the country.

To the Apprenticeship Program Cyndi brings decades of study, gleaned through travels around the world and also research in everything from quantum physics to indigenous healing. What was the goal? To discover and illuminate the true essence of being human-our spiritual healing powers. What better use for our inner intuitive abilities but to promote HEALING? Which, in turn, invites the MANIFESTING of deep and potent desires?

“Cyndi Dale is one of the most academic psychics in the field. Chances are your favorite psychic learned by reading one of her phenomenal textbook-like publications on hands-on healing, energy medicine, and chakras. In her online apprenticeship program, Dale explores topics like lucid dreaming, trauma release, and chakra balancing. Students are invited to pair off after class to continue building their psychic skills one-on-one. There’s homework and quizzes. And if you’re a real New Age nerd (or just a nerd ready to explore esoteric realms), come with questions. Dale seems to know the answers to most. The program runs over ten months, so plan in advance and sign up for next year.”

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Want to learn from the “teacher of teachers?” Then, join Cyndi in the 2022 rendering of her internationally renowned Apprenticeship Program and develop the powers of your spiritual gifts through the truth of love and self-actualization.

This year’s 13th Anniversary Apprenticeship Program is the culmination of Cyndi’s 35-plus years of foraging through jungles, deserts, and mountaintops; digging through textbooks, manuals, and tracts; writing multiple bestselling books; teaching hundreds and hundreds of classes; serving thousands of clients’ and studying everything from quantum physics to indigenous healing. What was the goal? To discover and illuminate the true essence of being human-our spiritual healing powers.

What better use for our inner intuitive abilities but to promote HEALING? Which in turn, invites the MANIFESTING of deep and potent desires?

From Cyndi…

“I recognize that world changes have left all of us stressed-but also ready to propel forward. To (finally) BECOME the deep, soulful, extraordinarily, and mystically talented essence that we are and deserve to be.

Maybe you want to apply your super-natural abilities for your own healing and manifesting. Perhaps you are already a practitioner and want to accelerate your ability to aid others at all levels. No matter what, it’s your birthright and calling to fully activate the gifts YOU bring to this planet.

These are the gifts spoken of in every culture, religion, and spirituality, and these gifts are alive inside of YOU. They need only be recognized and unlocked to free you to become yourself and your life to flow as it is destined to flow. These gifts are the key to professional success, personal relationships, mental acuity, emotional ease, intuitive clarity, and divine bliss.”

These gifts are YOU. These gifts promote SUPER HEALING and MANIFESTING.

They are also best accelerated with the Energizing Your Unique Healing Powers, our theme for the 2022 Apprenticeship Program.

This in-depth and interactive nine-month program will empower you to access these gifts and utilize them to their full potential to heal Oneself, Others, and the World.

Who is ultimately being benefited? YOURSELF.

The “you” that is an intuitive, a healer, and a manifester.

The “you” that is on your purpose and loving every bit of life.

Once again, my team is proud to offer my most popular and famous class. The Apprenticeship Program, which is celebrating its 13th Anniversary in 2022.

We have been blessed to have people throughout the years asking for it again and again, from all around the world-and some taking it repeatedly each year.

I invite you to join us for this fantastic adventure-and to Energize Your Unique Healing Powers!”



Now is your chance to fully embrace your intuitive and healing aptitudes by learning from the most educated and intuitive teacher ever-Cyndi Dale, internationally renowned author, healer, and intuitive consultant.

The Theme for 2022:

Energize Your Unique Healing Powers by Maximizing Your Innate Spiritual Gifts!

Learn from anywhere in the world and in the comfort of your own home. All classes are taught via Zoom as interactive webinars, and video recordings are shared with participants after each class. (You may also call in via phone.)

This educational and in-depth, Apprenticeship Program culminates with a final two-day interactive workshop on Zoom.

Our call-ins are WEDNESDAY evenings between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. Central Time.

  • 1.5 hours of teaching and an extra one-half hour of interactive participant practice.
  • Hand-outs at the beginning of the year
  • Audio-visual recordings from each class.
  • ALL MATERIALS are loaded onto your own private page, so you can go to just ONE place for everything!
  • You are also invited to participate in a private online community page to interact with Cyndi and other current participants

Q&A’s with Cyndi

The purpose is to provide time for you to ask about the personal and professional issues that arise during the class. Cyndi will address as many people as possible during these sessions, and she will help demonstrate how to perform the energy work.

Monthly Practice Group Led by Carol LaSota Rouffaud

Carol is one of Cyndi’s very skilled students and a gifted practitioner in her own right. These monthly practice groups are free of charge and enable a forum for discussion and practice. Fully vetted and endorsed by Cyndi, Carol will also offer a reduced session rate for all Apprentices who would like support for issues that arise during the class. These classes meet between 6-7:30 p.m. CST.

Special Classes:

Jo-Anne Brown, frequency expert and intuitive, Amelia Vogler, soul-level trauma and limiting beliefs healer, and Amanda Huggins, Holistic Anxiety Coach, will lead unique classes to introduce new and applicable material to the course.

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Are you ready to embrace your innate extrasensory gifts

Are you ready to develop energetic boundaries and expertise?

Are you ready to transform your psychic, intuitive, and healing abilities into spiritual gifts?

Are you ready to be the gifted healer and spirit that you are?

Are you ready to do so with and through the Power of Self-actualization?

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Allow us to explain the theory:

Your healing gifts are an extension of psychic or intuitive abilities, which are subtle energy means of communicating. These are key for healing and manifesting for self and others-for receiving insight and guidance and offering the same.

They are also the means for fulfilling your unique destiny.

We are all invested with psychic abilities, which, when mindfully managed, become super-charged intuitive abilities and are used for spiritual reasons. There are twelve main types of gifts, each of which can be developed to nurture our personal relationships, professional expertise and used to perform healing and manifesting.

In this nine-month flagship program, which has garnered rave reviews and transformed hundreds of lives, you’ll be shown how to pinpoint and develop your own extraordinary abilities, the foundation for spiritual destiny, and living a healthy, loving life.

Hundreds and hundreds of people have taken this course from around the world-and we want you to be one of them.

And we’ll hold it again with a minimum of 20 participants.

What Will You Experience?

  • Uncovering your universal and unique extrasensory gifts
  • Interactive practice with each gift
  • Integration of your main gifts into your professional life
  • Presentation of the MOST THOROUGH explanation of energetics and the supernatural gifts-ever, including robust discussions about interference, spirits, omens, manifesting, removing cords and curses, releasing blocks, futuring, dimensions and zones, visioning, healing, access to universal forces, protection, boundaries and more
  • Personal healing in learning how to manifest and become prosperous
  • Professional-level healing applications and practice
  • Specific emphasis on providing SUPER POWERED HEALING for self and other, which in turns, enables manifesting

Why open your healing gifts?

Cyndi understands that you are called to serve others. To accomplish your spiritual mission, you are born with innate abilities that, if unlocked and opened, lead to fulfillment, accomplishment, and success. They also access divine power and grace, inviting healing within yourself and joy in every area of your life. When these gifts are fully open, the light that we are illuminates. We can then serve as a bearer of the miraculous for this planet and in our lives. Unfortunately, life often blocks our innate attributes. Sometimes we aren’t provided the opportunity needed to develop them. Sometimes they work against, rather than for us. That’s why it’s imperative to develop these gifts in a structured, safe, and illuminating process; in a process that is rich with information and also unconditional support.

Thousands have taken this course from around the world.

And we’ll hold it again with a minimum of 20 participants.


This program is half price for anyone who has taken

  • The Apprenticeship Program-any year. That’s right if you’ve taken this program before, it’s 1/2 price for each year thereafter.
  • The Normandale College Energy Medicine Course-all 7 classes-any year.
  • The Advanced Apprenticeship Program-any year
Previous Student Discount

Herein lies ultimate purpose of The Apprenticeship Program:

You can learn about your gifts in other programs, but “The Apprenticeship Program” is the only one that also helps you unearth the totality of your core self and bring ALL of you into the world.

Happily. Safely. Uniquely.

It’s the only interactive process that guides you into being a true apprentice-not of Cyndi, but of yourself

Are you ready to ignite, inspire, infuse, and use every one of your special, magical healing gifts in every area of your life?

Then please join us for the following:

  • Development of working knowledge of the main 12 gifts, cataloged according to five basic styles.
  • Understanding of the spiritually historical, chakra-based, and scientific explanations of these abilities (much of this reading will be passed out to be done at home.)
  • Application of safe boundaries and ethical principles.
  • Exploration of spiritually wise ways to exponentially increase these gifts-to make a Real Difference with them.
  • Practice, practice, and practice of highest gifts.
  • Advancement to “adept level” of one’s highest gifts.
  • Understandings of the nature of light and dark, good and bad, and the transformation involved in becoming the light bearer that you are.
  • Advancement to “adept level” of one’s highest gifts. Assistance in figuring out one’s “calling” or special usage for these gifts.
  • Community-driven private site/page to support sharing with each other throughout the year.
  • And four Q&A interactions, as well as a monthly support session.

We invite you to look through the curriculum.

You won’t find a more intense, enriching, thorough, ethically bounded, and transformational set of courses.

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Apprenticeship Program Dates 2022

Apprenticeship 2022 DATES-All REGULAR sessions on Wednesdays between 6:00 PM-8:00 PM Central. 
1 ½ hours teaching, ½ hour groups.
All Q&As between 6-7:30 CENTRAL TIME for maximum in-session time.
March 16, 2022: Checking in on quiz, elements, Spirit-to-Spirit, five steps, elemental grounding, the topic of light and dark CLASS TWO
March 23, 2022: More on a quiz, sources, and sourcing, healing streams/absolute scalar waves CLASS THREE
March 30, 2022: Forces and virtues (backside chakras), healing streams/scalar waves, the introduction of “super powering” the spiritual gifts PRACTICE GROUP WITH CAROL
April 6, 2022: Apprenticeship Program Practice Group with Carol! 6:00-7:30 p.m.!!!! SPECIAL ADDITION
April 10, 2022: (Sunday morning)
Anxiety management, coming out of spiritual “hiding” and trusting your gifts
Led by Amanda Huggins, renowned anxiety and spiritual coach, 10:30 AM -noon CENTRAL!!!  Q&A with Cyndi
April 13, 2022: Cyndi’s Q&A and Demonstration. PRACTICE GROUP CLASS FOUR
April 20, 2022: Cords, curses, bindings, deflection shields, review of light and dark and various cultural ideas, initial clairaudience (more on this subject later), more on intuitive tapping SPECIAL ADDITION
April 24, 2022: (Sunday morning)
Mindfully releasing self-judgment and comparison to connect to your divine love frequency
Led by Amanda Huggins, renowned anxiety and spiritual coach, 10:30-noon CENTRAL!!! CLASS FIVE
April 27, 2022: Visual-pituitary and pineal PRACTICE GROUP WITH CAROL
May 4, 2022: Apprenticeship Program Practice Group with Carol! 6:00-7:30 p.m.!!!! CLASS SIX
May 11, 2022: Visual points of view, lucid dreaming


May 15, 2022: (Sunday morning) RESCHEDULED From April 10

Anxiety management, coming out of spiritual “hiding” and trusting your gifts

Led by Amanda Huggins, renowned anxiety and spiritual coach,

10:30 AM -noon CENTRAL!!! 

May 18, 2022: Ninth chakra, purpose; zymbology (color, shape, symbols, numbers), addictions SPECIAL ADDITION
May 22, 2022: (Sunday morning)
Hara and healing soul-level trauma
Led by Amelia Vogler, soul-level trauma and limiting beliefs healer. 10:30 AM-noon CENTRAL!!!  CLASS EIGHT
May 25, 2022: Personal zymbology, protection, signs, and omens PRACTICE GROUP WITH CAROL
June 8, 2022: Apprenticeship Program Practice Group with Carol! 6:00-7:30 p.m.!!!! CLASS NINE
June 15, 2022: Vivaxix; nature-based infusion; pulling powers from the Earth and other planets Q & A WITH CYNDI
June 22, 2022: Cyndi’s Q&A and Demonstration CLASS TEN
June 29, 2022: Shaman Practices PRACTICE GROUP WITH CAROL
July 6, 2021: Apprenticeship Program Practice Group with Carol! 6:00-7:30 p.m.!!!! CLASS ELEVEN
July 13, 2022: Shaman Practices SPECIAL ADDITION
July 17, 2022: (Sunday morning) Lessons of the soul: timelessness and shamanism
Led by Amelia Vogler, soul-level trauma and limiting beliefs healer. 10:30 AM-noon CENTRAL!!! CLASS TWELVE
July 20, 2022: Shaman Practices SPECIAL CLASS!
July 27, 2022: Interaction with symbols and numerology — Led by Jo-Anne Brown, an expert on disease frequencies CLASS THIRTEEN
August 3, 2022: Fields, meridians, consciousness PRACTICE GROUP WITH CAROL
August 10, 2021: Apprenticeship Program CLASS FOURTEEN
August 17, 2022: More fields, meridians, consciousness CLASS FIFTEEN
August 24, 2022: Return to clairaudience CLASS SIXTEEN
August 31, 2022: Trauma and autoimmune/disease processes and autoimmune patterning CLASS SEVENTEEN: A
September 7, 2022: Disease patterning and microbes
Led by Jo-Anne Brown, an expert on disease frequencies PRACTICE GROUP WITH CAROL
September 14, 2022: Apprenticeship Program Practice Group with Carol! 6:00-7:30 p.m.!!!! CLASS SEVENTEEN: B
September 21, 2022: Transmission of microbes via animals/vectors
Led by Jo-Anne Brown, an expert on disease frequencies CLASS EIGHTEEN
September 28, 2022: Special topics in disease healing (Back to Cyndi!) Q & A WITH CYNDI
October 5, 2022: Cyndi’s Q&A and Demonstration CLASS NINETEEN
October 12, 2022: Primary cell PRACTICE GROUP WITH CAROL
October 19, 2022: Apprenticeship Program Practice Group with Carol! 6:00-7:30 p.m.!!!!  CLASS TWENTY
October 26, 2022: FREE TOPIC with Cyndi FINALE
November 5-6, 2022: Celebration and closing weekend on Zoom!


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About Your Guides


Carol LaSota Rouffaud

Carol is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas and a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. Her interest in healing began while working as a French Interpreter for The Center for Victims of Torture in St. Paul, Minnesota. She has completed Cyndi Dale’s Apprenticeship Program and the Mastery Program. She is also certified in Aromatherapy from Aromahead Institute.

Amanda Huggins

Amanda Huggins, Anxiety and Mindfulness Coach

Amanda Huggins is a respected Anxiety and Mindfulness Coach, certified yoga instructor, brand ambassador, writer, and keynote speaker.

After successfully spending nearly a decade in the startup space as a content and communications specialist, Amanda broke past her fears to follow her calling for helping people break past their internal barriers of self-worth, fear, and anxiety. Her unique blend of spiritual, scientific, practical, and accessible approaches has helped hundreds of clients move beyond their anxious minds and into a state of profound, holistic success.

Currently, Amanda is spokesperson for Chil Wellness CBD, and sits on the advisory board as the mental health consultant. Previously, she has partnered and shared her wisdom with category-leading brands, including Sensate, Gravity Blankets and Gaiam.

She regularly offers workshops & digital courses for clients, international audiences & corporations. She is committed to sharing her value-added insights supporting her mission to help as many people as possible who deal with anxiety and related issues. In large part, Amanda does so via her ever-expanding social media community comprised of over 350,000 followers across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. She resides in New York City with her beloved dog Spartacus.


Jo-Anne Brown, Intuitive Alchemist

Jo specializes in an energetic technique called Shamanic Reprogramming which involves reducing the hold of toxins and pathogens within a person’s energetic system and their connections to unhealthy belief systems and emotions.

During each session, Jo uses her client’s unique personal information (especially numerology) as a portal to send healing and share guidance from my client’s spirit guides.

Clients can choose to do intuitive work only or intuitive work in conjunction with Shamanic Reprogramming.

Jo has completed Cyndi Dale’s Apprenticeship Program, Advanced Apprenticeship Program, and the Mastery Program and provided the “Dear Jo” email response service through this website from 2015 to early 2019.

She is also certified in bioresonance therapy, which she has used extensively with in-house clients in her Australian clinic for over 11 years.


Amelia Vogler, Grounding and Energy Medicine Specialist

Amelia is a respected Healer, Teacher, and Grounding and Energy Medicine Specialist. She is considered an expert in Energy Medicine with advanced training in trauma work, past life work, ancestral and complex relational patterns, and energy medicine in Surgery. Additionally, she is a valued consultant for the renowned Healing Touch Program. She serves as Executive Director of Healing Touch Professional Association (which focuses on leading the advanced education for over 5000 healers worldwide).

With over 15 years of private practice experience, her forte is working with spiritual individuals to restore themselves after stressful life events and illnesses. Clients from around the world come to her to address the underlying soul-level imprints of systemic stress, illness, lack of grounding, and how these impact their day to day choices in living a fulfilling life. Amelia supports clients in becoming re-connected with a deep sense of safety, access to their body’s innate healing wisdom, and the opportunities to grow abundantly creative.

She is also the founder of the esteemed Vogler Institute. A haven for spiritual seekers, this empowering online portal and teaching facility focuses on providing information, products, and services centering on the healing arts and sciences.

Amelia’s thoughtful and insightful writings have been featured on numerous blogs and outlets, including the popular book, “Pioneers of Healing Touch.” She is currently co-authoring the highly-anticipated, “Deeper into the Garden.”

Taking her writing and teaching a step further, Amelia created a celebrated line of guided meditation CDs. Known for her gentle voice and skillful approach, Amelia’s acclaimed guided healing meditations are a sought-after tool for quiet reflection and healing.

In addition to her one-on-one client work, Amelia has taught throughout the United States, Asia, Europe, Canada, and South America. She and her husband live in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

I’ve been a natural intuitive since young and offer these gifts to help clients and groups make a real and positive change. I do this by offering individual intuitive and healing sessions, teaching classes, and consulting with groups and businesses. I’ve also authored twenty-seven books on energy healing and spiritual matters and have created teaching programs. If I had a specialty, it would be that I intuitively perceive what’s blocking your life and path, help you clear those issues, and better define and apply your spiritual gifts. Above all, my goal is to help you open your “essential energy,” the powers and perspectives unique to you. This blessed task keeps me busy. Best of all – it’s fun work – the worth of joy and truth.
Like you do, I live a “real” life. My two sons are my pride and joy. My oldest is on his own and changing the world through politics and public affairs. My youngest is now over six feet tall and still growing. (It’s amazing, really, given that I don’t cook. Little wonder that he can.) He keeps me busy with laughter and college baseball games. (He just threw 94.6 mph!) 
Then there are the dogs. What can I say? The yellow lab is a huge couch potato with an always-wagging tail. Honey is…well, a puppy. At age seven. His obsession is barking at the garbage can. He doesn’t care if the food in it is “waste.” And playing with a squeaky toy. Besides walking them, I enjoy movies, travel, talking, and writing. Now I’ll tell you more about my professional background.
On a daily basis, I serve as an intuitive coach, energy healer, and business advisor. Clients, whom have numbered over 65,000, are commonly referred by professionals, including psychiatrists, medical doctors, and therapists. I also offer training, classes, and apprenticeship programs around the world. Through Normandale College in Minneapolis, MN, I am fortunate to present a seven-class accredited certificate program, “Energy Medicine: The Subtle Body Certificate.” I also love leading my nearly one-year Apprenticeship Program, an in-depth developmental process of the spiritual gifts; and providing to people in clairvoyance, clairaudience, and healing.
I’ve also been fortunate enough to conduct seminars and workshops in Russia, England, Wales, Amsterdam, Iceland, Scotland, and I have led groups across South and Central America and into Africa. My training has encompassed studies in shamanism and healing across the world, taking me into the Peruvian, Belizean, Hawaiian, and Costa Rica jungles, the Moroccan sands, the Venezuelan savannah, the glaciers of Iceland, and other exciting places. With extensive training in the Reiki, the Lakota way, family of origin therapy, and more, my background in corporate social responsibility, public affairs, and fundraising keeps me grounded in what “real life” is like.
Love and Light,
Cyndi Dale
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  • 12-minute MP3 audio file – The World Tree Meditation by Cyndi Dale. A $10 value.


    Amanda Huggin’s Holistic Anxiety Management Course. A $75 value. 

Luminary Praise for Cyndi Dale


Caroline Myss

Author of Entering the Castle” and Anatomy of the Spirit “Cyndi Dale presents an intriguing perspective on the soul’s journey between the many dimensions of consciousness.” praise-peck

Dr. Scott Peck and Shannon Peck

founders of the Love Center and the authors of The Love You Deserve “At last, someone who shows us how to apply age-old wisdom about energies and chakras to impact their everyday lives. Cyndi Dale’s insight into energy healing has the power to transform the universe.” barbhubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard

President of Foundation for Conscious Evolution “Cyndi Dale is an intuitive with a solid background in science, evolutionary theory, and mystical traditions. I personally experienced Cyndi Dale’s brilliance as she worked with me. I recommend her work to all pioneering souls.” praise-alberto

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

Author of Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval “Cyndi Dale offers brilliant cutting-edge theories and tools to help us break free of old paradigms that keep us fettered to unhealthy patterns and disease.” external-content.duckduckgo

Alanis Morissette

Grammy Award®-winning singer and songwriter “Cyndi Dale is a natural intuitive who teaches, coaches, and advises people with the intention of supporting them as they move toward positive change and healing. I love her.” Clemma-Nash

Clemma J. Nash, M.D.

Functional Medicine Practitioner “Cyndi Dale’s ability to integrate practical wisdom, cutting-edge science, and metaphysical concepts in a vibrant, enthusiastic, and engaging manner puts her at the forefront of the new wave of teachers and leaders of this twenty-first century.” molly-harvey-speaker-profile-300x300

Molly Harvey

International speaker and author of The Little Blue Flame and You Can Do It! “I have had the opportunity to practice the knowledge that Cyndi delivers (chakra-based choice-making). Personal healing and empowerment had a profound effect on my life helping me to take responsibility for all aspects. Her information provides personal access to heal our own actions, thoughts, bodies, and souls to create a more connected and balanced way of being.” Andi-Jonathan-Goldman@350

Andi and Jonathan Goldman

Authors of Chakra Frequencies and The Humming Effect “Cyndi Dale’s work is outstanding! Practical and important… for anyone interested in developing and exploring their intuition and psychic senses… and an excellent way to safely open to levels of consciousness that are vital for achieving the next step in evolution.” portrait-deanna-green

Deanna Minich, PhD

Health expert and author of Chakra Foods for Optimal Health “Cyndi Dale is clearly the 21st-century expert on energy medicine.” Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 3.17.17 PM

Pamela Des Barres

Journalist (Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Details Teh New York Times) and author of four bestselling books including I’m with the Band “Cyndi Dale demystifies our innate ability to recognize the truth, showing the way with empathy and wisdom. Trusting your intuition never felt so good!” Tina Johnson

Tina Johnson

Founder and Producer of Mind, Body & Spirit television an radio series. “Cyndi Dale has a gift for showing people how to transform spiritual philosophies into practical, everyday processes. ” hutchinson_cynthia__2011

Cynthia Hutchison

Director of the Healing Touch Program “Cyndi Dale… masterfully presents a very personable, understandable, and comprehensive exploration of the science and practice of energy medicine.” Arasia

Arasia “Alkemia” Earth,

Holistic Lifestyle Coach

“Cyndi is truly a master healer and learning directly from her is an honor. Her apprenticeship is groundbreaking and life-changing from class one and anyone looking to expand and grow in the arts of healing and “psychic surgery”,
her Apprenticeship Program is a MUST.” 


Amelia Vogler

Grounding and Energy Medicine Specialist

“Cyndi Dale’s Apprenticeship Program is a consistent and foundational part of my continuing energy education and self-care.  Each year, I look forward to joining one of her programs to further develop my non-physical (energy) toolkit that I use for my clients and to deepen my relationship with my personal divinity.  I am not always able to join “live” and the recordings and self-paced options make this apprenticeship a rich and flexible option for my inner work. As energy flows effortlessly through time and space, you can hear, feel, and experience the power of these calls at any time, feeling the entrainment of the live healings as if I was there.  I would encourage you to join this exceptional program – for self-care, for Spiritual development, for professional development, and for the beautiful community.  The gifts are endless!””


Tonya Dee

Holistic Sha’Medium

 “As a Holistic Sha’Medium, I have always been connected to the outer realms. Whether it was through Visions, Voices, Gut Feelings, Sensations and more, Cyndi has taken me into these realms to re-unite the inner being that resides within all of us. I have been a longterm participant in her program and absolutely love being a part of her energy tribe. AhhShay (Blessings).”


Jo-Anne Brown

Owner of Living Balance Centre for Holistic Wellness Inside and Out

“I’ve always been intuitive, but until signing up for the Cyndi Dale Apprenticeship Program, I’ve not really nurtured that side of myself. After seeing major improvements in my health from natural therapies and energy medicine, I decided – based on a gut feeling – to do the Cyndi Dale Apprenticeship Program. I’ve already been able to use much of what I’ve learned from the Apprenticeship Program to help many of my clients in Australia, the United States, and Canada. And – if that’s not enough, I’ve been able to connect with several other like-minded people – which has been such a bonus – all from the comfort of my own little country townhome in Australia! I highly recommend the Cyndi Dale Apprenticeship Program to anyone who wants to nurture all aspects of themselves!”

alina lazarescu

Alina Lazarescu

Owner & PhotoReading Instructor at Atelier Einstein and Owner at Franklin Investment

“I am impressed with Cyndi’s power to command energy. She just says something and it’s done: the deepest wounds are healed, the most hidden gifts get activated and so much more. The cool part is that I’ve just learned to do the same and I’m amazed to experiment with that and all the tools she gave us. Thank you again, Cyndi, and may the universe give you back 1000 times more than what you gave us!!”

ryan griffith

Ryan Griffith

Make-up Artist

“My experience with the Apprenticeship Program was awesome. As I walked through the course I felt like each class was perfect for the places and transitions I was in Spiritually. It validated a lot of challenges I had been facing throughout my life and provided valuable tools that I can use on a daily basis in my field. I now have more clarity and use a lot of the material on a daily basis. There is a depth and sweetness to Cyndi Dale that is inspiring and uplifting. Thank you!”

robert kavanaugh

Robert Kavanaugh

Life-Long Meditator

“The course, simply put, will change your life! No joke! If you are a seeker of truth and light or just want to experience more than the inside of your eyelids: Take this Apprenticeship Program! Cyndi Dale’s Apprenticeship Program is possibly one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. I highly recommend it as a standalone learning program for those early in their spiritual journey as well as enrichment for those already practicing other modalities. The subject matter and techniques taught in the program were easy to implement and use right away with my clients. Although I had taken several other “healing” courses, Cyndi’s program pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught safe and effective ways to access and utilize intuition. This has taken my personal and professional healing practices to the next level and also fostered a new sense of confidence in my abilities to help others”


Vivian Drewis

Certified Healing Touch Practioner

“Cyndi Dale’s Apprenticeship Program is possibly one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. I highly recommend it as a standalone learning program for those early in their spiritual journey as well as enrichment for those already practicing other modalities. The subject matter and techniques taught in the program were easy to implement and use right away with my clients. Although I had taken several other “healing” courses, Cyndi’s program pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught safe and effective ways to access and utilize intuition. This has taken my personal and professional healing practices to the next level and also fostered a new sense of confidence in my abilities to help others. Don’t miss it!”


Gina Spriggs

Holistic Intuitive, and an Intuitive Development Mentor

“Cyndi Dales Apprenticeship Program is perfect whether you are an energy worker or intuitive, novice or experienced. Cyndi has a down to earth approach that is informative, healing and refreshing.”


Arne Heissel, Ph.D.

Owner of Heissel Lifesciences LLC

“About three years ago, following a Kundalini experience, my worldview has changed from one day to the other. Since I have taken an intensive spiritual journey and attended many different programs to go inside and to grow in consciousness. Cyndi’s Apprenticeship Program is by far the most transformative and impressive program I have come across. Cyndi teaches with an unmet heart and intellectual intelligence, humor, authenticity, depth and fully egoless. The very comprehensive program is highly interactive and each session feels like a chosen family gathering with angels and spirits invited as well. The program is ideal for a wide variety of participants, no matter if you are a practicing energy healer, looking for personal growth or whatever other objectives you may have. Everyone will grow in this program!”

Your Investment

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EXTENDED!!! – Take Advantage of Early Bird Pricing until Feb. 15, 2021

Day Hour Minute Second Register and Pay in Full (Best Value) Register with Multi-Part Billing
Early Early Bird: Before October 15 2021 Early Bird: Before February 15, 2022
Pay in Full (BEST VALUE) $3495 Pay in Full (BEST VALUE) $3950 Pay in Full (BEST VALUE) $4250
Multi-Part Billing $3950 Multi-Part Billing $4250 Multi-Part Billing $4950

Full Payment and Multi-Part Billing 

A  non-refundable sign-up fee of $1000* is due upon registering. Then after two months, the remaining amount is split into 6 equal monthly payments.

* Refunds are only permitted up to within two weeks of the program’s start.

The fee includes a non-refundable $1,000 deposit due to all materials shared at the beginning of the program. We also have a code of conduct out of respect for the material and all other students. Remember you get MP3s and Video files and access to a Private Apprenticeship Facebook page of former and current participants. So even if you can’t make the live teleclass or webinar, you are able to fully enjoy the Apprenticeship experience.

All payment options come with Cyndi Dale’s FREE GIFTS valued at over $500.00!


If you have previously taken this course or select others (see requirements below), you are invited to take it again or for the first time at

50% OFF

Good news! You can qualify for half off the current price at the time of your order if you have taken any of the following courses:

  • The Apprenticeship Program-any year. That’s right if you’ve taken this program before, it’s 1/2 price for each year thereafter.
  • The Normandale College Energy Medicine Course-all 7 classes-any year.
  • The Advanced Apprenticeship Program-any year


We require proof of prior class payment to qualify for the 50 percent discount. If you are unsure or have questions please write us at for clarification.

Email us using the form below to request taking the program as a returning Apprentice or qualifying student as noted above.

Please upload a photo of proof of payment.


IMPORTANT: Please note if you do not provide valid proof of payment for a previous approved class you may be removed from the class and monies refunded minus $500 for the gift bundle.


Please attach proof of past payment for either: A) The Apprenticeship Program, B) The Normandale College Energy Medicine Course, or C) The Advanced Apprenticeship Program.

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