The Spiritual Power of Empathy: Develop Your Intuitive Gifts for Compassionate Connection – January 22nd – February 26th 2015

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Spiritual Power Empathy

The Spiritual Power of Empathy:

Develop Your Intuitive Gifts for Compassionate Connection

A Six-part Teleseminar with Cyndi Dale

Consecutive Thursday evenings from January 22nd through February 26th

Are you empathic? Most sensitive people are. Based on my recently published  book, The Spiritual Power of Empathy, I want to help you stop or prevent the inherent challenges of empathy and help you play to its strengths.

Empathy is more than the ability to sense what others are going through. It’s a spiritual gift that invites the recognition and absorption of psychic energy. There are six types of empathy and each can greatly boost your intuitive senses, but they can also cause you to take on energy that’s not your own, creating everything from physical to relational challenges—or “energetic codependency.”

The reality is that “distorted empathy” can create the conditions for many “isms,” including personality disorders (i.e. borderline, narcissism, and more); psychiatric issues (bipolar, schizophrenia, and more); and specific challenges in regard to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, depression, anxiety, and addictions. And if you are like me, it can make you vulnerable and susceptible  to relationships with people with one or more “isms,” and ultimately finding yourself taking care of problems that aren’t your own.

I have personally lived through some of these these experiences in my own life,  and have professionally studied this subject extensively. I want to help! I truly believe this class will make a positive difference in your life by exploring the following:

I’m very excited about this class. I’ve been gathering this material for decades and can hardly wait to share. I’d love to have you benefit.


This teleseminar runs six consecutive Thursday evenings between 7 and 8:30 p.m. Central Standard Time in 2015.

These Thursdays are:

We use Maestro Conferencing which means you will be sent a call-in number and code before the class. You will then receive an MP3 recording of the teaching within a few days after the class.

While Cyndi doesn’t take questions during the class, she encourages you to send them to  with The Spiritual Power of Empathy Question in the subject header. She will compile questions for the next meeting and answer them then.


Price: $350 Early bird registration! Only $299 if you register before January 15, 2014.

Registration fee is paid up front for all six classes — $100 is non-refundable if you cancel before the first class starts. Remember you will receive an MP3 for each class. (We can’t package these six classes separately because each builds on the last.)
Registration has ended.

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