Healing Power Pathways: Chicago Retreat, August 15-16 2015

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Chicago Retreat Through Infinity Foundation

August 15-16, 2015

Increase your personal effectiveness at healing. Adopt empowering ideas that can help you create those true, leap-frogging, quantum-jumping, heart-popping wonders called miracles. Awaken four life changing pathways, called the elemental, power, mystical, and divine pathways, an entirely fresh design for holistic healing. This approach moves away from fixing parts to assuring wholeness; from working hard at healing to making simple changes that deliver healing. In the four pathways, there are four layers, planes, or realities of human existence. These different realities add up to a greater reality, while independently offering equally valid ways to make and create change. While each pathway has its own set of rules, principles, and systems, all of them can create the so-called miraculous.

The beauty of the four pathways is that they all interact. If you make a modification on one pathway, you will see exponential change in that and all other pathways, simultaneously. For instance, you might work one of the four pathways to forgive your parents for cruelties they did to you when you were young. As soon as you alter your energy on this pathway, all other three pathways shift and modulate. Suddenly, other areas of your life miraculously change. Your arthritis clears up. Your boss gives you a raise. You start sleeping better at night. You hear from a long-lost friend. Your spiritual gifts open up; you begin to receive visions at night that inform you of things to come the next day.

Join Dale, bestselling author, who has spent 25 years collecting, applying, and teaching the keys to these powerful pathways. This highly interactive, experiential retreat includes demonstrations, guided meditations, and most importantly—easy-to-use, simple hands-on techniques and exchanges, to assure you bring your powers to life on the four pathways. Dale’s delightfully engaging teaching style will ensure you experience these beautiful and bold four pathways to:

  1. Use Light and sound to transform your emotions, microbes, and physical issues.
  2. Spot spiritual forces within you and shift them. There are authoritative energetic forces that can create or destroy; sometimes you can not clear a problem or open to a desire because you are attached to the wrong force.
  3. Set seals, special lens which are on your chakras or energy centers that enable instant guidance and power if they are set correctly. Experience this for yourself and others.
  4. Connect to three forms of kundalini or vital energy. Use each and be assured of safe access to spiritual, mental, and physical support.
  5. Access spiritual gifts within you using the celestial wishing tree which once activated properly, unbolts the door to your manifesting abilities.
  6. Obtain guidance and grasp healing energy from various realms shadow walking like shamans who use this secret skill.
  7. Channel the Divine as an instrument for the highest good with divine prayers that enable you to stream the powers of grace and uplift you to your spiritual purpose.

The current holistic model would divide you into subcategories to solve a problem. You have not forgiven your parents for mistreating you. That is an emotional issue. Sure, emotions impact the physical body, but you need to work on this issue solely as an emotional one or it won’t go away. You have a broken feeling and it needs to be fixed. In the four pathways approach, you are already considered whole. There is a solid, viable reason that you are holding onto unforgiveness. The emotions involved are expressed throughout all four pathways of the Greater Reality and total your current reality. Shift your experience of any issue on any of the four pathways and your entire reality will shift. Then you can make exponential change. Be ready to create your own miracles.

For the Saturday night optional program, that is not workshop material, Dale will lead Angelic Beings Standing By. There are a dozen different angelic groups, each standing ready to provide assistance in creating joy, financial abundance, ease, healing, relational connection, and more. Dale will share about the specialities of these special groups and conduct guided meditations to link you to those best suited to help you.

Course 151151 CEUs available
Date Sat., August 15 and Sunday, August 16
Time 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM, Sat. night optional program 7:00 – 900 PM
Cost $295/275 by July 10
Place Techny Towers, 2001 Waukegan Rd., near Northbrook, IL



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