Cyndi Dale’s Apprenticeship Program February 23rd-November 5th 2017

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Explore and Experience Your Intuitive Gifts in a Year!

February 23rd-November 5th 2017

The wait is over!

We took a two year hiatus from this popular program to focus on other books, projects and classes.
People from all over world have asked if, and when, we would offer The Apprenticeship Program again.
Well, we have been listening, and planning for this moment.
Due to multiple requests, we are thrilled to offer this amazing program for 2017!
Now is your chance to sign up to learn from Cyndi Dale, internationally renowned author, healer and intuitive consultant, via bi-monthly tele-classes.


Led by Cyndi Dale, internationally renowned author, speaker and intuitive consultant, via bi-monthly tele-classes.

Learn from anywhere in the world, and in the comfort of your own home.  All classes are audio-recorded and downloadable MP3’s are shared with participants after each class.

This educational, and in-depth, apprenticeship program culminates with a final all-day discussion in Minneapolis( Attendance not mandatory, but highly recommended!)

Our call-ins are Thursday evenings between 7 and 9 Central Time; 1.5 hours of teaching and an extra one-half hour of interactive participant practice. You will be provided hand-outs throughout the year, in addition to the MP3s from each class. As well you are invited to participate in a private Facebook page to communicate with Cyndi and other participants—past and present.

Want to know more about this class? To do so is to learn about and embrace your innate spiritual abilities and gifts.

Your spiritual gifts are an extension of psychic or intuitive abilities, which are subtle energy means of communicating. These are key for healing and manifesting for self and others–for receiving insight and guidance and offering the same.

They are also the means for fulfilling your unique destiny.

We are all invested with spiritual gifts. In fact, there are twelve main types of gifts, each of which can be developed to nurture our personal relationships, professional expertise, and used to perform healing and manifesting. In this one-year flagship program, which has garnered rave reviews and transformed hundreds of lives, you’ll be shown how to pinpoint and develop your own amazing abilities, the foundation for spiritual destiny and a healthy, loving life.

Hundreds have taken this course, most recently through the teleseminar version, which has invited international participation. We were NOT going to teach this program during 2017, but after 5 years of offering this program “on-line” and five previous years of Cyndi teaching it in-person, we will hold this amazing program with a minimum of 20 participants.

Class Dates:

• February 23, 2017: Checking in on quiz, elements, Spirit-to-Spirit, five steps, elemental grounding

• March 2, 2017: More on quiz, sources and sourcing

• March 16, 2017: Forces and virtues (backside chakras), healing streams

• March 23, 2017: Cords, curses, bindings, fallen angel releasement; initial clairaudience (more on this subject later)

• April 6, 2017: Visual—pituitary and pineal

• April 20, 2017: Visual points of view; past, present, futuring

• May 4 2017: Ninth chakra, purpose; zymbology (color, shape, symbols, numbers)

• May 18, 2017: Personal zymbology, protection, signs and omens

• June 1, 2017: Vivaxix; nature-based infusion; pre- and post-elemental

• June 15, 2017: Shaman Practices (Above hand outs)

• Q&A—June 20th: 10 AM. to 12 Noon, Central Standard Time

• June 29, 2017: Shaman Practices

• July 13, 2017: Shaman Practices

• July 27, 2017: Fields, meridians, consciousness

• August 10, 2017: More fields, meridians, consciousness

• August 24, 2017: Return to clairaudience

• September 7, 2017: Trauma and Autoimmune/Trauma

• September 21, 2017: Disease patterns and autoimmune

• October 5, 2017: Disease patterns and microbial

• October 12, 2017: Primary cell

• November 2, 2017: Special Focus

• November 4-5, 2015: Finale Celebration and closing ceremony in Minneapolis!

Why open your spiritual gifts?

Cyndi understands that you are called to serve others. To accomplish your spiritual mission, you are born with innate abilities that, if unlocked and opened, lead to fulfillment, accomplishment, and success. They also access divine power and grace, inviting healing within yourself and joy in every area of your life. Unfortunately, life often blocks our innate attributes. Sometimes we aren’t provided the opportunity needed to develop them. Sometimes they actually work against, rather than for us. That’s why it’s imperative to develop these gifts in a structured, safe, and illuminating process; in a process rich with information and also unconditional support.

Herein lies ultimate purpose of “The Apprenticeship Program”. You can learn about your gifts in other programs, but “The Apprenticeship Program” is the only one that also helps you unearth the totality of your core self and bring ALL of you into the world. Happily. Safely. Uniquely. It’s the only process that guides you into being a true apprentice—not of Cyndi, but of yourself.


Cyndi Teaching





Learning is accomplished through twice monthly evening sessions (Thursday evenings), several videos, multiple handouts. Are you ready to ignite, inspire, infuse, and USE every one of your special, magical gifts in every area of your life? Then come join us for the following:

  • Development of working knowledge of the main 12 gifts, catalogued according to five basic styles.
  • Understanding of the spiritually historical, chakra-based, and scientific explanations of these abilities (much of this reading will be passed out to be done at home.)
  • Application of safe boundaries and ethical principles.
  • Exploration of spiritually wise ways to exponentially increase these gifts—to make a Real Difference with them.
  • Practice, practice, and practice of highest gifts.
  • Advancement to “adept level” of one’s highest gifts.
  • Assistance in figuring out one’s “calling” or special usage for these gifts.
  • Community driven private site/page to support sharing with each other throughout the year.

Look through the curriculum. You won’t find a more intense, enriching, thorough, ethically bounded, and transformational set of courses.


Regular pricing after Jan. 23rd

Individual Registration $3250
Bring-a-Friend ($2500 each) BEST VALUE!!!
2-Part Billing (2 payments of $1750 > $3500)

Payments may be made via one of the buttons below where options are noted.


Refund Policy: $ 1000.00 non-refundable deposit. Remainder refunded is determined by initial cost minus deposit prorated per month by cost divided by months of participation starting in March . There are no refunds made after 4 months of participation in program. Refunds previous to this point are pro-rated based on month cancelled minus the deposit. Remember you get MP3s and access to a Private Apprenticeship Facebook page of former and current participants. So even if you can’t make the live tele-class, you are able fully enjoy the experience.

3 easy payment options!

*SPECIAL OFFER TO PREVIOUS STUDENTS: If you have previously taken this course, you are invited to take again at 50% off! As you know Cyndi is always bringing new cutting edge information to the the class. Email us at to learn more.


Cyndi Dale is the author of “The Subtle Body”, best selling, award-winning book on energy healing, as well as many other acclaimed energy healing books. Cyndi loves learning, and sharing with others what she learns. Allow her to help you on your personal and professional path to success and fulfillment.

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